Tright here are excellent bottles of Dom Pérignon and tbelow are superior bottles of Dom Pérignon. But what sets this Champagne aside from many type of other brands is its absence of poor bottles.

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Not convinced? Prince Charles and Princess Diana reportedly ordered 99 bottles of Vintage 1961 for their Royal Wedding, giving Dom Pérignon an extremely firm imperial seal of approval. It’s remained that method ever because.

It’s not surpincreasing, bereason tbelow aren’t many type of feel-good moments on quite the very same level as popping the cork on a bottle of Dom Pérignon. This elite Champagne, known for its delicious ago catalogue of premium bottles, has been spotted in every little thing from James Bond movies to a variety of music videos.

Its hyper-attention to information indicates that each vintage produced by the brand tastes ever so slightly various. Its namesake, Benedictine Monk Dom Pierre Pérignon, explained the Champagne as tasting of stars, and also an out-of-this-world summary seems fairly precise also to now.

Some background expertise is always fun to whip out at a dinner party. But, of course, among the finest means to prove your field of expertise in all points bubbly is by calling this Champagne its correct name, Dom Pérignon, quite than either of its widespread misspellings; Don Pérignon and also Don Périgon.

Looking for a bottle that screams of course, confidence and effortlessly excellent taste? Dom Pérignon’s the noticeable choice.

Dom Pérignon bottle sizes and also prices

Bottle nameSizePrice
Dom Pérignon 2009750 ml$185
Dom Pérignon Vintage 2008750 ml$190
Dom Pérignon Rose 2006750 ml$380
Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne 1998750 ml$440
Dom Pérignon P2 Vintage 2002750 ml$480
Dom Pérignon Vintage 1995750 ml$540
Dom Pérignon Cuvée Champagne 2003750 ml$820

Wbelow to buy Dom Pérignon online?

The background behind Dom Pérignon

Let’s clear one thing up first: Dom Pierre Pérignon didn’t design Champagne, however he did refine it to make it into the bottles that we savour nowadays. Dom was a 17th-century monk who functioned as a cellar understand in the Abbey of Hautvillers, in Champagne, France.

He didn’t appreciate bubbles, believing they corrupted the wine that was currently being created in the Champagne area. He thought that hard work lugged a monk closer to God and also so made it his life’s mission to create the finest wine in the people.

He shaped things up in a move that many might now course as doing the Lord’s job-related by mixing grapes via new vigour and also passion for producing a bottle full of graceful and also fragrant sparkling wine.

Years later, Dom took pleasure in a posthumous appreciation as soon as Champagne production stepped up a notch and because then the brand has actually come to be a firm favourite for royals, rappers and also everyone in between. This prestige cuvée is created by Champagne residence Moët & Chandon and also stands as the house’s height cuvée.

The Dom Pérignon Rosé bottle.

But what makes Dom Pérignon so special?

It’s a Champagne that’s fussy in the ideal means feasible, only releasing bottles in the years as soon as its vineyards are of optimum quality and selling on its grapes to various other brands once they don’t rather make the note. It’s also a vintage Champagne, meaning each bottle of Dom Pérignon consists of grapes only from a solitary year.

And you can’t forget that Ricdifficult Geoffroy, chef de cave of Dom Pérignon, just releases the wine in vintperiods that will age even more than 20 years. Each bottle is aged for a minimum of seven years, while others are hidden away for a lot longer. If you come throughout a bottle with P2 or P3 on the label, it’s a vintage that’s a second or third release, respectively.

Generally, a bottle goes on sale after nine years, before a 2nd wave (a P2) comes at about 18 years and also a third (a P3) at about 25 years.

No two Dom Pérignon vinteras are the same…

…Thanks to the extremely complex flourishing process that’s influenced by sunshine, rain, warm and also humidity. Winemachines blfinish Chardonnay and also Pinot Noir to make Dom Pérignon, using the standard méthode champenoise wbelow the wine is fermented for a second time in the bottle. As it periods, the yeastern consumes the sugar, providing the Champagne its common bubbles.

The specific complace of each kind of grape varies year by year, altering the flavour profile ever so slightly each time. However, the brand also is renowned for its continual overarching ideas of biscuit, citrus, honey and also smoke. Master of Wine Serena Sutcliffe describes its notes by saying: “With age, Dom Pérignon takes on a entirely seductive fresh-toast-and-coffee bouquet, among the a lot of intriguing scents in Champagne.”

How to drink Dom Pérignon

Dom Pérignon is finest served at approximately 10°C, which indicates chilling it in the fridge for 2 hours. Take it out approximately 15 minutes before serving to let the bottle warm ever before so slightly. If you don’t have 2 hours to spare, location the bottle in an ice bucket instead.

Tbelow are three forms of champagne glasses to choose from: Champagne flutes, coupes and tulips. Real Champagne glasses have actually curves, which highlight the aromas and allow the bubbles to fizz for longer. Open the bottle by gently loosening the cork and pour progressively, so the bubbles don’t overflow in the glass. Start by pouring an inch of Dom Pérignon and also allowing the liquid to work out. Top off each glass till it’s no even more than two-thirds complete.

Drink your Champagne by holding the glass by its stem fairly than the bowl, to sheight it from warming up as well conveniently.

The ideal cocktails to make via Dom Pérignon

Here are the top 3 the majority of renowned cocktails to mix via Dom Pérignon.

Dom Pérignon French 75


60ml Dom Pérignon15ml lemon juice30ml ginTwo dashes straightforward syrup

Cocktail recipes: A French 75 cocktail combines gin, Champagne, lemon juice and also sugar to create a classical drink that days ago to Paris in 1915. Make it by putting gin, syrup, and lemon juice into a cocktail shaker filled with ice and also shaking vigorously. Then, strain the mixture right into a chilled Champagne glass and also top with Dom Pérignon before stirring gently.

Dom Pérignon Mimosa


One component ovariety juiceOne component Dom Pérignon

Cocktail recipes: A brunch favourite, Mimosa is a staple Champagne-based cocktail and also one of the most basic to put together. Make certain both ingredients are chilled before mixing right into a glass and stirring. Do not shake this cocktail, as the bubbles will certainly disperse. Serve with an optional garnish of cherries or strawberries.

Dom Pérignon Kir royale


90ml Champagne10ml Crème de cassis

Cocktail recipes: Another famous mixed drink, a Kir Royale is a variation of a Kir, made with Champagne rather than white wine. Make it by putting crème de cassis right into the bottom of a Champagne glass and also then topping up through Dom Pérignon. Serve this cocktail in a Champagne flute and garnish with a frozen blackberry.

Frequently asked concerns around Dom Pérignon

How a lot does Dom Pérignon cost?

A bottle of Dom Pérignon starts at about $185 while older bottles grow in price tremendously. The many expensive bottle — Dom Pérignon Rose 1959 — costs $84,700.

Why is Dom Pérignon so expensive?

Dom Pérignon only uses the ideal grapes from the finest vineyards in Champagne, France. Its vintperiods are aged for a minimum of salso years before they’re released onto the industry and the brand also adheres to a strict manifesto once it comes to its flourishing, ripening and also ageing needs.

How old is Dom Pérignon?

The first vintage of Dom Pérignon was made in 1921 and was released for sale in 1936. The initially 300 bottles were offered to Amerihave the right to company Simon Bros. & Co., that first imported Dom Pérignon right into the UK.

How a lot is Dom Pérignon vintage 2002?

A bottle of Dom Pérignon vintage 2002, one of the brand’s finest and most renowned bottles, prices around $479.

Is Dom Pérignon worth it?

Yes, Dom Pérignon is worth the money. The superior top quality and also effective flavours make this Champagne a celebrated brand through a variety of exceptional bottles, dating ago nearly a century.

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What is an excellent year for Dom Pérignon?

Tright here are no ‘bad’ years for Dom Pérignon as the brand also doesn’t release bottles on off-years but some of the brand’s finest vintperiods incorporate 1990, 1995 and also 1996, while its best modern-day vintages are 2002, 2004 and 2008.