Those are lines from a song by FC Kahuna. They are easy and evident. I have been listening to Visioneers radio on Pandora (yes, I still use Pandora). Instrupsychological hip hop with a loungey, jazzy, occasionally bossa nova feel. We all have “that thing” that provides us just feel really, really excellent — it’s what we listen to once we’re doing something we feel so excellent doing that it takes us to a greater state of existence, for a tiny bit. It’s what we listen to as soon as we’re doing “that thing.” It can be snowboarding, sitting around a campfire, giving a presentation, making the perfect frittatta, having actually sex. It is what I listen to as soon as I skate. Everypoint is congruent. Your brain and body are existing and here.

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That is a loaded word these days. I feel the need to be “here” on a couple of fronts. “Here” is at the hospital through my father. “Here” indicates residence, wright here I concerned (not) sleep and attempt to reconnect briefly with my residence life. And “here” indicates through my cousin Katie, who has actually bravely determined to come home to convalesce quite than go through dialysis and also various other plenty of steps of which she is weary. Ever because Katie made the decision to come residence, I have actually been torn cleanly in fifty percent. My dad had been reasonably secure, yet is currently on his fourth antibiotic for pneumonia. Late last week, the head nurse told me to not speak hoping, but I needed to prepare myself for the truth that my dad could not recover from pneumonia despite all of his cognitive development. He is 75, and also his body and brain have suffered so a lot trauma. It is a repeating cycle — his pneumonia is keeping his speech and also swpermitting treatment from succeeding, and also the speech and swpermitting treatment failings are keeping the pneumonia going. After a brief but excellent visit through Katie last week, I obtained that phone speak to from the head nurse. How does one decide where to be once all over is everything? Tbelow is no best answer.

My cousin Rachael, Katie’s sister, offered me guidance — maybe unknowingly. She said whatever you do is exactly the best point. I don’t understand if she realizes how emotional that is. I feel that tright here is regret no issue what the choice is. But her words provided me stamina. I made the decision to remain with my dad for the moment being.


I saw visit Chisulo, the juvenile male lion that we sent out to Fresno Chaffee Zoo in November. I observed him while out in California in beforehand January, tagging in addition to my husband on his job-related pilgrimage. I drove 2 1/2 hrs each method to view Chisulo. He didn’t present any type of sign of acknowledgment whatsoever. I told his keepers that he must be so comfortable in his new residence that he had actually forgotten all about us. That was a bandage over the disappointment I felt, considering that I was hoping for a slight sign of “oh yeah, I remember you a tiny.” I think I cracked a lame joke choose, “Man, do you understand just how a lot I composed around you? Do you recognize how far I drove to view you?!” It made me think darkly around how much of an impact we have on the pets in our treatment, and also how a lot I had actually relied spiritually (or whatever) on him — or any of our pets. Is there any kind of acknowledgment of all of the time we spend agonizing over their well being? Their successes? Their death? It made me question for a minute every one of the occupational that we carry out, trying to maintain species. My selfishness acquired the finest of me. Zoos protect species in their own means, and also inspire new generations to be passionate and actionable on conservation. I have viewed it firsthand also many times, and also it is one of the reasons I remajor committed to working through animals. For eextremely son whose parents let him throw rocks at the lions, tbelow are children who are influenced and therefore inspiring. Sometimes the ratio seems 9-1 against us. It is a constant struggle in between wrong and best. It is worth it to reach the few.

I have struggled via my very own expectations concerning my dad’s progression, and also through Katie’s. It is past anyone’s manage however all consuming. It is mentally and physically debilitating. It is impossible to describe. Practical day-to-day execution is just how you obtain through, either in Maryland (Care Team South, I speak to it) or in Pennsylvania (Care Team North). Eactivities need to wait or be collection aside, for now. I had actually to ask my dad’s nurse du jour to teach me how to turn on the suction machine to suck out his aspirations. (She have to be doing that.) I manned the suction machine while he remained in shock trauma, I say, yet the machine was always on. My dad is able to suction his own mouth when he coughs, I tell her. I am there to coach him. He has to currently, when I am not there. We simply require the f-ing machine turned on.

Today, the speech therapist moved on from the usual reorienting questions to more complex inquiries via my dad. She sassist she was going to give him a category, and also he had to list as many kind of things in that category as he can. She sassist, “The category is animals.” He noted, in order: “Dogs, goats, cats, lions, tigers, anteaters, prairie dogs, caracals, bobcats, bears, elephants.” The therapist was surprised. I sassist, “That’s what happens when your daughter is a zookeeper.”

It is remarkable just how a lot one needs acknowledgment in life occasionally. At least in my life. I have learned a lot about my father, my family members, and myself in this time. I have disappointed my father significantly in my younger years, and made him extremely proud alternatively. I have actually realized that recognition has actually a different meaning currently. Just being right here, or there — present — is enough occasionally. Sometimes it is all we deserve to regulate.

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Since tbelow is no photo to acagency this write-up accordingly, below is a photo of better times. This was taken at Katie and also Darren’s wedding. Cheers.