From viral comedy sensation James Veitch (as watched on TED, Conan, and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon) comes a repertoire of laugh-out-loud funny exalters with email scammers.The Nigerian prince eager to fork over his inheritance, the household friend stranded all of a sudden in Normethod, the lonely Russian beauty trying to find love . . . they spam our inboxes via their hapless pleas for help, money, and also your social defense number. In Dot Con, Veitch ultimately answers the question: what would occur if you replied?Suspicious emails pop up in our inboxes and our initially instinct is to delete unopened. But what if you responded to the deposed princess begging for money in your Gmail? Veitch dives right into the underbelly of our absurd email scam culture, playing the scammers at their own game, and these are the surpincreasing, bizarre, and hilarious results.

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James Veitch is a previous Apple Genius whose high-technology comedy picks apart and parodies the constantly evolving and also perplexing innovation we live through. James has offered out shows throughout the human being and presented the 3rd many famous TED Talk of all time. He wrote and also percreated 2 viral hit periods of his display Scamalot via Mashable, has appeared twice on Conan, and also showed up on The Tonight Sjust how with Jimmy Fallon.He stays in Islington via his full-body pillow.

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Editorial Reviews

"James Veitch is one of those human being that come alengthy once every a century. I can not be more specific than that."—Conan O'Brien"From the first page I was intrigued and also laughing out loud. Delighted to view someone going out of their way to waste the time of these scammers. James is doing the Lord"s occupational."—Iliza Shlesinger, writer of Girl Logic: The Genius and the Absurdity"A diverting check out that might bring you some required laughs."—Fortune"Dot Con is perfect for superfans as he shares all of his hilarious correspondence, complete via screenshots."—"Hilarious....n uproariously funny check out that will make your stomach hurt from laughing so tough."—Omnivoracious: The Amazon Publication Review"Whip-smart and also brilliant. Hysterically funny!"—Harry Hill"A wicked sense of humor....I laughed my ass off."—The New York Times"A pleasure."—The Sunday Times (UK)"A Dave Gorman-esque romp."—Time Out"Ingenious...One to watch."—Independent (UK)"Playtotally funny...the author"s absurdist method and enthusiasm for his occupational make for unpredictably funny analysis. An ammaking use of, oddround compilation."—Kirkus Reviews"Summed up in a solitary word, Dot Con is hilarious!...Dot Con brings to light the potentially life-transforming consequences that these scammers have the right to have actually on an innocent person"s life....English teachers will certainly most likely hate this book because of the misusage of the English language...a good review."—The Seattle Book Review

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