After you complete the tvery own of Arcadia you can enter the portion of Baccarat that was formerly off boundaries to us - Golding Mansion. Inside this mansion you"ll find not just a bunch of items to grab but two young children, Cash and also Carrie that are recruiting bodyguards. These children are trying to decide just how to split their fathers fortune and they need someone to protect one of them as they go with the Dragon Graveyard.

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It does not issue which of the two brats you pick, I determined Cash because he has actually a far better voice actor - Carrie"s upcollection voice sounded so forced and inauthentic. Usually I would certainly have favored the lady to help however her VA blew it! Our following soptimal is Dragon Graveyard southeast of Baccarat in the desert.

Those of you who have been complying with my walkthrough went to the Desert Chapel earlier which you can now Zoom to which cuts our run in half. If you can"t Zoom over here you"re gonna need to hop on your Sabrecat and also run all the way down to this place.


The Dragon Graveyard is in the center of the desert, you"ll see either Cash or Carrie standing external of the dungeon relying on which of the 2 you offered to aid. When you"re prepared approach them and also you"ll be lead inside of the dungeon.

This dungeon doesn"t have actually a lot loot for you to find, the few items it does have are scattered throughout and also normally means out of the method to obtain to. The dungeon map is uncovered just inside of the dungeon to the appropriate, as constantly acquire that first. For navigating the dungeon I would certainly recommend utilizing my display shots below.


When you make it to the finish of the dungeon you"ll be treated to a boss fight against Red Horn and Blue Fang, 2 dragon adversaries. These guys are pretty challenging and also your goal is going to be eliminating one of them as conveniently as feasible since that"ll make the fight a lot much easier. I personally went for eliminating the Red one first.


As constantly I recommfinish utilizing Acceleratle and also Kabuff at the start of the fight. Also be ready to rez your party members in the time of the fight a few times; these dragons have an unified assault that have the right to deal 280+ damage... They defeated my Jessica in a solitary swarm at leastern 4 times during the fight. After the fight and the scene head over to the Door of Judgment and also watch one more scene.

Ultimately you"ll uncover yourself ago in Baccarat and the casino below will be reopened. As a gift Cash and also Carrie will offer you 600 Casino Tokens which you have the right to spend at the Casino in Baccarat. I"d recommend you take some time and also gamble at this casino - yet we"re going to cwarmth the system.

First you will certainly desire to save your game... Or use Save States if you"re playing on a Ps2 emulator then you will certainly desire to go to the Casino and also bet all your tokens on a single game choose Roulette. If you shed, refill and attempt again however if you win then save and do one more all in bet.

It will just take you a tiny over an hour of doing this to collect all of the ideal prizes from the casino.


When I did this, I inserted all my bets on Red in Roulette each and also eincredibly time. I"d recommfinish you execute Red, Blue, Evens or Odds in Roulette. Don"t bvarious other trying for the a lot greater multipliers at the top; your odds of losing are far to great and also it"ll take over an hour to win enough tokens doing it that way.

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Baccarat Casino Prizes:

Prayer Ring - 1000 Tokens

Spangled Dress - 3000 Tokens

Saint"s Ashes - 5000 Tokens

Falcon Blade - 10,000 Tokens

Liquid Metal Armor - 50,000 Tokens

Gringham Whip - 200,000 Tokens

The Gringham Whip is the a lot of powerful Whip in the game for Jessica and a huge upgrade at this suggest. Liquid Metal Armor is additionally exceptionally likely an upgrade for every one of your personalities depfinishing at which time you completed this side pursuit. It"ll take awhile to gain all of these items for your characters however they are incredibly worth it.