From E-40’s The Hevery one of Game album, this track attributes a contribution from his 8-year old kid, Lil E (aww!)

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Ah yeah..(ah yeah)'s realGonna put it down. all these little bit crime thangsHomemuch less, the human being is crazy bwoyIt's choose thisIt's the means it isHeavy out tbelow.. it's heavyWas I really such a negative childThat I deoffered to acquire hit through boardsAnd whooped via expansion cords?Did you forobtain that I was your creationAnd all I wanted from you all was love, hope, and also motivation?Son, you're disrespectful and you're talking backGet out my challenge, kicked me out the houseAnd wouldn't also let me plead my caseNow I'm homeless and I'm freezing choose the morgueThe only thing keeping me alive is the LordNeedmuch less to say it's times prefer this I'd quite be locked up thanDrinking water out my hands and also eating out of garbage cansCan I come earlier house, huh, could I?Son, you're on your very own, why need to I?Things'll never before adjust, that's just the way it isNobody's even concernedSome things'll never before readjust, that's simply the way it isWhen will certainly we ever learn?
Huh. 3 years from currently, I think I'm gon' be right (Straight)I put my name on the list for Section 8Tried out for the Military, yet I was flat footedDidn't execute no damage to me, 'cause I was offered to itIf I apply for some work, let's make a betI'll obtain denied 'reason I don't know around the InternetWhat perform you think we must execute to readjust about this nation?Need to carry out even more tasks and also much better educationNuclear weapons (puh, puh) should be stopping crimesAlall set acquired sufficient to blow the people up a thousand also timesThe birds and the bees, deadly diseaseTeenage pregnancies, STD'sThings'll never before change, that's simply the way it isNobody's even concernedSome things'll never readjust, that's simply the way it isWhen will we ever before learn?Things'll never before readjust, that's just the means it isNobody's also concernedSome things'll never before adjust, that's simply the way it isWhen will we ever learn?A-wuh-uh, wait a minute, I hear sirensOh, that's the couple down the street, residential violenceEither them or the little bit girl in 306She's constantly informing everyone that she gon' slice her wristsI guess that's the way it is in the life of sinWright here you'll probably finish up dead, or in the penBut my family ain't no better than the nextMy auntie Brenda turned her very own sister in for creating bad checksAnd saved folks will certainly attempt to hit you wbelow it hurtsKnowing they the greatest hypocrites in the churchWe must offer our minds a bath and execute some scrubbin'Sheight the hate and also begin the lovin'

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Things'll never before readjust, that's just the way it isNobody's even concernedSome things'll never before readjust, that's simply the means it isWhen will we ever learn?