You agree to mow someone"s lawn for twenty dollars (it"s a fairly largeyard). When they pay you, they provide you a $20 bill. It does not matter whether the bill is brand brand-new or old, dirty, and also wrinkled—every one of these bills have actually the very same value of $20. If you want more $20 bills, you have to mow more lawns. You can"t say, "this particular bill is actually worth more than $20." To have actually even more money, you need to put in even more occupational.

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Extensive Properties

Some properties of issue depend on the dimension of the sample, while some perform not. An extensive residential or commercial property is a property that counts on the amount of matter in a sample. The mass of an item is a measure of the amount of issue that an item consists of. A little sample of a particular type of issue will certainly have a small mass, while a bigger sample will have a higher mass. Another extensive home is volume. The volume of a things is a measure of the room that is inhabited by that object.

The figure listed below illustprices the considerable building of volume. The pitcher and glass both contain milk. The pitcher holds about 2 quarts and also the glass will hold about 8 ounces of milk. The very same milk is in each container. The only distinction is the amount of milk had in the glass and in the pitcher.

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Copper wire.

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An considerable building is a home that depends on the amount of matter in a sample. Mass and also volume are examples of extensive properties. An intensive residential or commercial property is a home of issue that relies only on the form of issue in a sample and not on the amount. Color, temperature, and also solubility are examples of extensive properties.