When a family members is in crisis, they aid each other pick themselves earlier up again. “Empire” has actually the Lyons through their cregulations out for anyone who is coming after them, especially as soon as the Dubois household are prepared to drag them right into the mud. With the baby-snatching and also attack charges, that knows what the Dubious will certainly throw at the Lyons next. Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) and Lucious (Terrence Howard) made a decision to split up the occupational to foil the Dubois’ plans. On the other hand, their kids are trying to gain their resides earlier on track. Season 4, episode 8, titled “Cupid Painted Blind,” has 2 family members prepared to reduced each other’s throats by any type of indicates necessary.

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Guidance for Jamal and also Hakeem

The episode opened with a staged intervention for Jamal (Jussie Smollett). After punching his boyfriend, Warren, for functioning through the Dubois, Jamal is encountering assault charges—but that’s the leastern of their difficulties. Ever because finding out they have a tarobtain on their backs, they need to recognize who else is functioning with the Dubois. “Empire” will fall acomponent if the Lyons does. The household confronts Andre (Trai Byers) if he has actually been seeing anyone new. They are just taking additional precautions to make sure no one destroys their household aacquire.

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Cookie, Lucious, and Thirsty (Andre Royo) decide to take the lead. So Jamal and Hakeem (Brysbelow Y. Gray) have to pick up the pieces damaged by the Dubois. Filled through rage over shedding his daughter, Hakeem takes his temper out on Tiana (Serayah). While she was working on a brand-new track through Shine, Hakeem walks in insulting her best to her face. Shine decides Hakeem demands a tiny guidance. Shine takes Hakeem to the suburbs. There Hakeem meets Shine’s children and also 3 of his baby mothers. Shine desires to present Hakeem he deserve to work-related out his worries no matter the circumstance. Shine was able to inspire Hakeem to learn how to make a compromise with Anika if Hakeem desires to see Bella eexceptionally aobtain. Hakeem even talked about to Anika’s apartment to talk about their situation., but was disappointed once he discovered out Anika moved in through Angelo.

At the same time, Jamal is drinking aobtain as he reminisces about his partnership via Warren. He was listening to the track he and Warren taped. Lucky for him, Hakeem walks in to help his brother deal with the tainted track. The 2 brothers finished up making a song filled with so much rage and also heartache. The only guidance these boys need is music.

Andre is gradually losing it on ‘Empire.’

Since of his false medication, Andre’s paranoia is acting up aobtain. He meets up with his girlfriend Pamela (Teyonah Parris) to ask if she was working via the Dubois. Angry at the accusation, Pamela reminds Andre of her darkest trick she mutual through him last week. But Andre’s apology wasn’t enough for Pamela to continue to be. His temper began to acquire the much better of him. He suddenly damaged dvery own in front of the cafe and also luckily Thirsty was tbelow to witness it, calling Lucious instantly. Worried about his son’s psychological health and wellness, Lucious asks what brought about Andre to shed his temper. He then admits he has actually been seeing a woman named Pamela Rose. Andre tells them that he didn’t tell his parental fees around below because she was a cop. Lucious then asks Thirsty to uncover out what he have the right to about this Pamela womale.

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On the other hand, Cookie requirements a small information of her very own. After finding out Warren isn’t out and about through the Dubois, she decides to visit him. A mother’s rage is as intense as her love for her children, as watched in her prikid flashbacks. She comes into Warren’s room through a gun in hand also. There’s nopoint like a gun to intimidate a perkid for information. Luckily she never gained to usage it because Warren is in love via Jamal. He is even more than willing to tell her everything the Dubois are planning to take “Empire” dvery own. He additionally reveals Andre’s psychiatrist and also medication.

A mirage, a break down, and also a crime confessed

Cookie and Lucious tell Andre his jeopardized medication and also therapy sessions. This makes him feel relieved and unbasic. Andre calls Pamela to apologize aobtain. And favor magic, she was currently at the door. The 2 talk around their previous crimes, and we ultimately understand who placed the bomb in Lucious automobile. Andre tells Pamela he tried to kill his father. And then points start to obtain crazy from here. Pamela then tells Andre she is an undercover cop from Las Vegas and has actually been waiting for Andre’s confession. Afrassist to acquired to jail; he shoots Pamela out of bitter rage.

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At the same time, Thirsty informs Cookie and also Lucious that “Pamela Rose” doesn’t exist. The two then rush over to Andre’s hoping they deserve to save him from being played by the Dubois. But nopoint deserve to prepare them for what happens next. He tells his parents he killed his girlfriend Pamela, and also when they looked about, tright here wasn’t a body in sight. Then we view the montage of every one of Andre’s moments via Pamela. We discover out she was only a hallucicountry resulted in by the new medication provided by his psychiatrist.

It was a phenomenal performance by Trai Byers yet a sad story arc for Andre. He perfectly captured Andre’s mental state and also heartbreaking reaction. Whatever the Dubois are planning, they’ve gone too far. It’s one point taking custody of a child and also initiating an attack. It’s one more to mess through Andre’s psychological wellness.

The Lyons are going to hit ago harder for hurting one of their very own.

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“Empire” proceeds following Wednesday with “Slave to Memory,” 8/9c on FOX.