Longman Dictionary of Conshort-lived English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English noun EXAMPLES FROM CORPUS ▪ He had a type of gentleness and also equanimity . ▪ Hess, but, took it through equanimity , and laughed at Edward"s very own unease. ▪ His paleas took the news through equanimity . ▪ Gradually, she attained, if not virtue, a modicum of equanimity...

The Collaborative Internationwide Dictionary Word meanings in The Collaborative International Thesaurus Equanimity E`qua*nim"i*ty, n. quanimit<'e>. See Equanimous .> Evenness of mind; that calm temper or firmness of mind which is not easily elated or depressed; patience; calmness; composure; as, to...

Wiktionary Word meanings in Wiktionary n. the state of being calm, steady and also created, especially under stress

Douglas Harper"s Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper"s Etymology Thesaurus c.1600, "fairness, impartiality," from French équanimité , from Latin aequanimitatem (nominative aequanimitas ) "evenness of mind, calmness; good-will certainly, kindness," from aequanimis "mild, type," literally "even-minded," from aequus "even, level" (watch equal...

WordNet Word interpretations in WordNet n. steadiness of mind under stress; "he embraced their difficulties with compocertain and also she via equanimity"

Wikipedia Word meanings in Wikipedia Equanimity ( Latin : æquanimitas having actually an also mind; aequus also animus mind/soul) is a state of emotional stcapability and also composure which is undisturbed by suffer of or exposure to emotions, pain, or other sensations that may reason others to shed...

Usage examples of equanimity.

Nopoint was further rerelocated from the intention of the Russian Government than to difficulty England also, yet she felt it difficult to look on at the embarrassment of the Ameer via equanimity, and so identified to fight for the self-reliance of Afghanistan.

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Isgyrn, though the last, currently that he was whole again, seemed to be accepting this additionally inexplicable and also bewildering change in his circumstances via remarkable equanimity.

The beauty and, peace of the Carag Huim and the dry, clear air were healing for my lungs if not my heart, and also they allowed me to face Alfrigg and also his cohorts via equanimity.

Tright here, under two green umbrellas, prefer 2 fat rajahs in their shaking howdahs upon the backs of two white elephants, the friends would sit in solemn equanimity awaiting the evasive cunner, the vaapprove perch or cod or the occasional flirtatious eel.

The invert glorifies his narcissist, areas him on a pedestal, endures any and also all narcissistic dreview with calm equanimity, impervious to the overt slights of the narcissist.

She hung her dress on the same hook as a fairly pretty pink and white flogger that looked as if it would certainly hurt nastily, and also went earlier right into the kitchen to confront Alan with as much equanimity as feasible.

On the other hand I need to move: That an deal with unto His Royal Highness Be humbly readily available for his gracious message, And to ascertain him that his faithful Commons Are totally roused to the dark hazardries To which the life and also equanimity Of Europe are exposed by deeds in France, In contravention of the plighted pacts At Paris in the course of yester-year.

But to rerelocate that suzerainty, to deprive the Khalif of the wardenship of the Divine Places is to render Khilafat a mockery which no Mahomedan have the right to possibly look upon via equanimity, I am not alone in my interpretation of the pledge.

She confirmed neither fright nor anger, and also Malemute Kid chuckled at her well-bred equanimity.

Karelsen said stiffly, in spite of himself, bereason he kbrand-new currently for certain that Milt was off aget, and that the only means to take care of him once he was a madguy favor this was to save your equanimity.

And will Monok Ochem display similar equanimity when he sees what you have actually done?

Mrs Verloc, through the equanimity of a perchild untroubled by the problem of the circulation of wide range, and also exploring the perspective of the roadmeans for an omnibus of the right colour.

Miss Morville, accepting the civility through equanimity, stated to him, in a helpful spirit, that Abney was still waiting to relieve him of his driving-coat.

Yet I have actually recognized a few women who withattract from the orgy with magnified equanimity, because their monthly courses are inhibited.

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Without a word he gets up and, serviette in hand also, crosses over among the tables, draws the cream-coloured curtains so that they lap well over one another, convinces himself by a glance over his shoulder that the ray from the setting sunlight is shut out and Frau Chauchat relieved, and also via an air of perfect equanimity goes ago to his place.