The lyrics of Led Zeppelin carry out understanding on the timeless topics of life, love and also happiness.

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Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Led Zeppelin wittily presents this advice via clever illustrations from vintage college primers and also classical rock art.

Part self-help book, part anthology, and part thoughtful writing, Everything I Need to Kcurrently I Learned from Led Zeppelin is an exercise in free thought; the kind of thought many kind of have competent laying back on their beds, staring at an album cover. The words of Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham, and also John Paul Jones are gathered in this volume, along with whimsical imeras from old-fashioned institution readers and rock-n-roll art. This freshly revised variation of the original bestseller features the complete text of eextremely song at the ago of the book.

Readers will certainly find deep wisdom and prouncovered poetry in the lyrics featured in Everypoint I Need to Know I Learned from Led Zeppelin. This book renders a great gift for the rocker - or the thinker - in your life.


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Author and also publisher Benjamin Darling's favorite month is Zeptember. In 1980, the year John Bonham passed away, he and his high college friend Paul engineered a stereo set-up via multiple amplifiers and humongous speakers. They played Fool In the Rain so loudly that the home windows rattled, the neighbors complained, the authorities were referred to as, and the 'super stereo' never before played aobtain. Mellowed only slightly by age, Benjamin has actually been well-known to rock out hard in his Volvo (as soon as his wife and daughter aren't tbelow to scold him). His love for Led Zepelin and of old children's readers and also grade college primers fell together serendipitously one day - and a book was born. Benjamin resides in San Diego, The golden state.

Danielle Marshall is a graphic artist. Her job-related through Laughing Elephant Books includes a line of greeting cards under her brand also Hooligan Ruth, and also the books Everything I Need to Kcurrently I Learned From ‪Led Zeppelin, and Party Cakes!‬ She is presently functioning on The Ministry of Rock and Roll, a project that is devoted to sharing the love of music and also image in an effort to foster reverence for rock and also roll legends.

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Marshall is based in ‪Glen Ellen‬, The golden state.

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"Well, I kind of do not trust anybody who doesn"t favor Led Zeppelin." -Jack White