Pointers of Non-Duality, Self-Inquiry, and Self-Realization from Brian Thompson — Author of Sparks to Awaken.

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The world you inhabit is not real.

Your experience of the world exists only within your mind’s eye, it exists nowhere else. You live entirely inside your head, that’s where all experience resides, and so, what’s real to you isn’t real to anyone else.

Everything that you experience you believe to be “real”, but, what exactly is real? What creates experience itself? The mind. Onto it, all things are projected. But, are those projections seen for what they are, or are they interpreted by our conditioning?

Your personal concept of “reality” is an entirely subjective experience, one that"s completely different from everyone else"s interpretation.

Here’s the thing—subjective analysis is never “true”, it is only an opinion.

Everything perceived through a subjective mind divides the truth of direct experience into conceptual distortions of duality. To put it more simply, you skewer the truth with the personal beliefs you attach onto things. Your sense of "what is real" becomes twisted by the mental associations you project onto what your senses perceive. Your entire sense of reality is then conditioned by these mis-perceptions.

And so, it can then be said that the relative world—the world of subjective contrast and comparison—is a false world, built entirely by each person"s imagination.

Nothing is what it seems… and this is exactly why you should question everything you think and everything you believe. If you want to see the truth of reality, all of the conceptual garbage within your mind will need to be thrown away first.

When you believe that you are the "subject" of every experience you have (perpetuated by the "me-thought"), you then assert all of your opinions and judgements onto the world to further "set things apart" from yourself. This is duality. This "me-thought" is what divides the entire world from itself, and because of this, most people’s sense of reality is never actually true.

The entire planet is obsessed with objectifying both one another, and everything. No one wins. Nothing is true.

Every single argument (or war) that’s ever occurred was caused by one person"s sense of subjectivity (their personal opinions about something), interferes with another person’s sense of subjectivity. So which side holds the truth? Neither.

If you’ve ever seen those old “tastes great, less filling” beer commercials from the 80’s, you’ll see a hilarious spoof of what happens when two people’s set of subjective opinions clash. This is duality—the dividing of the truth reality into two opposing pieces, where neither side actually reflects the absolute truth.

Beyond all of our subjective interpretations however, the truth is always there, waiting to be realized. Beyond every concept of tastes great or less filling, tall or short, rich or poor, good or evil, his or hers—the truth awaits.

The truth can only appear when all sense of subjectivity ends, when the purity of conscious awareness is no longer clouded by the mental division of the world its perceiving. When the illusion of duality is reconciled within all of your perceptions, reality becomes purified, and your Awareness becomes Truth Realized.

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The true seeing of the Awakened can only be realized through a process of shedding all of that which is untrue within you—the false self must first be eliminated.