today’s article is dedicated to my favourite character in the tv showOnce Upon a Time“: Regina Mills, better known as the Evil Queen in Snow White fairytale. I love this character because she is not te the typical villain of the story. She is a woman who suffered for love and who has gone deep down a dark path in order to get revenge for the one she loved. She has always kept a light inside of her which has grown stronger during these seasons: at first Henry’s love saved her, but it is thanks to her soulmate, Robin Hood, that she has finally found a new purpose in her life. As you all know from this post, I am crazy in love with their couple: OutlawQueen!

I have fallen n love with this beautiful and powerful woman! What do you think about her character and her transformation during these 4 seasons of Once Upon a Time? Below you can find some ideas to recreate her makeup look.

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PS Below you can choose your favourite character for my next geek post dedicated to the beauty world! ;) Moreover, if you have any suggestions for some character you would like to see here just tell me in the comments! :)

Day Look


1. Mulac Cosmetics 12,90€ 2. Neve Cosmetics 4,20€ 3. Nabla Cosmetics 12,90€ 4. Clarins 14,90€ 5. M.U.A. 3£

Regina’s day look is perfect for every self-confident woman, who wants to be flawless and elegant from early in the morning. On her eyes she used a black eye pencil near her upper and lower lashes, which was then blended on the lid with a matte noisette eyeshadow. For a natural effect you will also have to apply a light pink blush on your cheeks, while on the lips a nude lipstick is what you need to perfectly completely the whole makeup.

Night Look


1. Pupa Milano 16,90€ 2. Neve Cosmetics 12,90€ 3. MAC Cosmetics 18€ 4. Too Faced 20,90€ 5. Deborah Milano 7,90€

Regina’s night look is a more intense version of her day look. As you can notice from her eye makeup the black eye pencil is more intense, especially on the outer lid, and the brown eyeshadow used on the eyelid is darker. Moreover, the blush on her cheeks is more pronounced and she also used all over the face an enlightening transparent powder. Finally, she applied a dark red tint lip, which is perfect to resist even to long dinners or a night at the disco.

Special Look


1. Pupa Milano 14,50€ 2. MAC Cosmetics 13,20€ 3. Yves Saint Laurent 28,90€ 4. Dior 43,50€ 5. Sleek Makeup 10,49€

The Evil Queen look is, without a doubt, my favourite one.

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It a super sexy and pretty strong makeup, for a truly evil character!


Girls I would like to know in the comments which one of these three characters you would like to see in the next post. :)



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