Austin post-rockers, Explosions in the Sky’s sound is akin to a meteor shower throughout its histrionic peaks. In equal fashion their white blasts of sound perk up the ages in quixotic fashion, resembling a shimmering and peaceful river, curving underneath every one of Explosions’ celestial turmoil. Both sides played a part in the band’s first night of 3 sold-out nights at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall. The band’s always-effervescent guitarist, Munaf Rayani, preconfronted the band’s career extending collection by saying he was rather disgruntled around playing three nights in a row but he assured the audience that regardless of his stormy temperament the band also would try their hardest. “We’re gonna try to offer you our hearts so close your eyes and also we’ll take off to the stars.” And of course they did simply that.

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Before Explosions could jettison the crowd’s worries, opening band, Lichens trudged with a listmuch less collection of looped minimalistic post-rock that dipped its toes into ambient drone music. Lichens is the solo improvisation job of Chicback composer Robert Lowe, previously recognized as the bhelp through art rock group, 90 Day Men. A product of the Kansas City location, Lowe signed on with 90 Day Men in 1996, just prior to their replace from St. Louis to Chicago; once the team announced a hiatus soon after their European tour sustaining its 2004 album Panda Park. Lowe has actually since directed his energies into long-simmering solo searches.

Regardless of Lowe’s daring attempts, his dental bird chirps and also coos didn’t affix with the sizeable audience. Along the way curtains of low decibel bass waburned over the audience as vocal drones wafted favor incense. At times the set transcfinished to the type of reassuring calm held just for Islamic call-to-worship instrumentals. At various other times Lichens’ one-man vocal present sounded a small also close to cat yowels. Eventually, his quick set felt tedious.

Explosions in the Sky took the stage with plenty of fanfare. Their hour and also half collection (sans encore) looked squarely into the rear check out mirror, skirting much of the hazy dull that built up over their recent effort on All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone. Two of the finest tracks off All of a Sudden appeared though, with bursts of applausage, ‘The Birth and also Death of the Day’ and ‘Welcome, Ghosts’. The band played via the songs even more like an army doing a drill, except for the keyed up Rayani of course.


Michael James stood in the middle, wbelow he pummeled his bass with abandon. Chris Hrasky filled in the deafening silences that the band loves to toy with so a lot. As always the band’s brooding, ominous melodies developed them selves in tiers prior to crashing climaxes might ruin them Mogwai-style. Explosions treaded the softer finish of their “soft-loud” dynamic punch. Just when the middle suggest of the collection felt prefer it was sagging (placing ‘Welcome Ghosts’ alongside ‘The Only Moment We Were Alone’ appeared to not press the momentum) the band filled their last moments through the audience with some of their standards. ‘Greet Death’ took a cue from doom metal as James appeared to muscle his bass dvery own right into the ground. Hrasky flicked the stage via crashing cymbal flashes that developed cramelted right into histrionics prior to dissipated for the song’s ambient mid-section.

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The inclusion of the awe-motivating, ‘Yasmin the Light’, ‘With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept’ and also ‘Greet Death’ off Explosions fiery second album (Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever) showed to be fan favorites. They pinpointed the true epicenter of Explosions’ heart-stirring aesthetic, nestled within their bellicose and gauzy motions. With rumors swirling approximately that Explosions may not be touring, let alone making more music as a unit, the future feels unspecific. As much as tonight’s performance the mood felt prefer a homeresulting sorts. As a distillation of Explosions’ meteoric increase to fame, and also somewhat escape from short article rock’s many non-sequiturs, tonight’s musical meteor shower left even more than a couple paltry dents.

Setlist:1) Yasmin the Light2) The Birth and Death of the Day3) Welcome, Ghosts4) The Only Moment We Were Alone5) Remember Me As A Time Of Day6) Greet Death7) With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept8) Memorial