The activity takes place in Ephesus, in primitive Greece. As the musical opens up, an old vendor from Syracusage arrives in Ephesus, a rival city, in search of his long-lost boys – He Had Twins. Coincidentally, one of the sons, Antipholus of Syracuse, and the son’s servant Dromio likewise arrive in Ephesus. Upon seeing the waste that is Ephesus, Antipholus cannot help yet expush his longing for his hometown – Dear Old Syracusage. Due to the fact that of the two Antipholuses’s and also 2 Dromios’s striking resemblances, the Syracusians are shortly mistaken for the Ephesians and also vice-versa. Things gain even even more facility when the 2 Dromios get perplexed, with Dromio of Ephesus addressing Antipholus of Syracuse as his master. This Dromio (as compared to that Dromio!) is in genuine difficulties with Luce, his wife, that comlevels that he no much longer pays attention to her womanly feelings – What Can You Do With A Man? In one more component of tvery own, Adriana, the wife of the Ephesian Antipholus, complains to her sister Luciana that she has actually lost all hope for romance – Falling In Love With Love. As a matter of reality, Antipholus of Ephesus is, at that extremely minute, arguing via a police sergeant and a goldsmith about the merits of wives and also attempting to show that he is a happy guy – The Shortest Day Of The Year. Unbeknownst to him, Adriana has simply met Antipholus of Syracusage and, reasoning that he is her husband, brings him residence. This Antipholus drops for Luciana, that just has actually eyes for him (This Can’t Be Love), but who avoids him instantly after they have asserted themselves. When night drops over Ephesus, Antipholus of Syracuse and his servant Dromio are being cared for by the wives of their particular twins. But as soon as the rightful Ephesians rerotate home, Adriana and Luce chase them amethod, reasoning that they are intruders. The following morning, as the most of the city still sleeps, maids begin their day’s chores by commenting on the courtesans who are returning home – Ladies Of The Evening. Dromio of Syracuse and Luce are early risers: actually, they apparently didn’t sleep much, though Dromio is at a loss to explain Luce’s ardor – He And She. Equally confused is Antipholus of Syracuse, that doesn’t understand also why Luciana, obviously in love through him, has let him spfinish the night through Adriana for whom he feel’s no passion – You Have Cast Your Shadow On The Sea. Meanwhile, Antipholus of Ephesus is additionally rather perplexed by the odd happenings: not only has actually his wife locked him out of his very own residence, yet the goldsmith, from whom he has actually ordered a chain, now claims that he currently has actually offered it to him and that he has actually not yet been passist, and sends the police sergeant to take him to jail – Come With Me. In a mad whirligig, the 2 Antipholuses and also the 2 Dromios are viewed anywhere the place, producing havoc and including to everyone’s confusion – The Ballet. The situation has its results on the women as well: Adriana and Luce are groping for answers that will define the stvariety actions of their “husbands,” while Luciana doesn’t recognize exactly how to tell her sister that she is in love through Antipholus – Sing For Your Supper. In the street, a courtesan reflects that finding an hocolony man is not an easy job – Oh, Diogenes. Eventually, of course, the two Antipholuses and the two Dromios discover themselves face to face, and “all’s well that ends well,” even for Luciana and also her Antipholus, that no much longer have to worry around how they feel toward each various other – Finale.


Adriana: Portia Nelchild Antipholus of Syracusage and also Antipholus of Ephesus: Jack Cassidy Luce and Courtesan: Bibi Osterwald Luciana: Holly Harris Dromio of Syracuse and also Dromio of Ephesus: Stanley Prager Singing Policeman: Bob Shaver Music by Rictough Rodgers Lyrics by Lorenz Hart Vocal arrangements by Hugh Martin

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The Comedy of Errors, joyfully concocted by Shakespeare around a pair of the same twins from Syracusage and also Ephesus, came to be the basis for a romp collection to music in 1938 by Ricdifficult Rodgers and also Lorenz Hart. Retitled The Boys From Syracuse, it boasted a hilarious nonsensical book by George Abbott, and also a breezy score replete with great tunes. Due to the fact that the practice of recording cast albums didn’t exist at the time, Columbia producer Goddard Lieberson smust reproduce the best moments from the display in a studio recording made in 1956. In the dual duty of Antipholus and also his twin, he actors matinee idol Jack Cassidy, and surrounded him through performers of the first magnitude – Portia Nelchild, Bibi Osterwald (likewise in a dual role), Bob Shaver, and Stanley Prager (in another dual role as the two Antipholus’ servants, both named Dromio). Conductor Lehguy Engel, a veteran of Broadmethod orchestra pits, provided the final touch that gave new life to what can have been otherwise a shed gem.

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First LP release: February 15, 1954


Based on Plays, Based on Shakespeare, Comedy, Period Piece, Romance, Swing


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