"Punish the Child"

» Sat Dec 19, 2015 5:39 pm

I am getting a little bit freaked out at what im guessing is a very stvariety bug.

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I"ve been to a couple of various locations now wbelow i have the right to hear Curie"s voice saying: "Punish the Child" and also "Please Punish Timmy"

I haven"t even discovered Curie yet on this playvia.

So i am simply going entirely insane and also hearing psychotic voices, or is this actually from something?

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» Sat Dec 19, 2015 11:35 am

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Seems choose it"s a bug pertained to a pursuit at General Atomics Factory. While I haven"t done it myself, COMPUTER users have actually reportedly solved this bug by going back tright here, finding the radio that is spewing this message, and disabling it making use of the "disable" console command.

Read more about it https://www.reddit.com/r/fo4/comments/3si65v/please_punish_timmy/

It"s a premonition. The game is informing you not to let Shaun be Hitler 2.0 just because he"s your child: it"s specifically bereason he"s your boy that you must offer him the positive influence he"s been lacking all his life, the humale affect that he hasn"t experienced, that hasn"t offered him the empathy he demands.

Punish the boy.

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Please punish your Timmy.

Ah yes that"s it, thanks! I couldn"t remember wbelow it was i heard it initially. Well i"m on PS4 so i hope simply turning the radio off functions for me. At least it"s a lovely voice that"s haunting me, also if it is saying quite creepy things.


Hahah! Well i"m doing a BoS playvia this time so i will certainly be punishing him, alot.


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