After completing The Protector’s Arrival , you will certainly alert that there’s a new item that appears on the map, which are Thangka Paintings. There’s a complete of 4 paintings to find, which bring about an optional mission that takes place in the mystical realm of Shangri-La. Each painting is not linked to a particular mission, rather the order is already set as presented in this overview.

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One of the more challenging parts in the Shangri-La missions is actually acquiring access to the Thangka Paintings, as they will require you to discover a hidden path of some sorts to get to their location. However, whenever before you see the in-game notice about Shangri-La pop up in the height left corner, then you will recognize you are on the right track.


Once you discover the correct route, it will certainly make it a lot less complicated to find the Thangka paint that will lead you into Shangri-La.



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You are Ajay Ghale, someone that was born in Kyrat and relocated to America via his mom to escape from strife and civil battle. However before, your mom has passed away and her last wish is for you to return to your birthplace and scatter her ashes at Lakshmana. The only problem is that you get thrown right into the civil battle that is still unavoidable, having actually to side with The Golden Path to attempt and overthrow the tyrannical Pagan Min.

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A finish walkwith all eexceptionally story mission in the game, consisting of the Balance of Power objectives.All side goals comprehensive, including Longinus, Yogi and Reggie and even the mystical trips to Shangri-La.Coverage of every one of the game"s collectibles, with comprehensive places for the more elusive Masks of Yalung.How to acquire eextremely single trophy/achievement in the game.

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