Should I kill Noore?

After defeating all the enemies, there will be nothing standing on your way. When you reach Noore, you will have a moment for shooting her. Otherwise, she will kill herself. Either way, the mission will end and Noore’s fortress will be weakened.

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What happens if you don’t kill Amita in Far Cry 4?

If the player decides not to shoot Amita, she picks up her folder and walks away in anger, telling Ajay that while he is saving her life, he is killing Kyrat.

Can you kill Sabal at the end of Far Cry 4?

How to find Sabal after the end of Far Cry 4? If you sided with Sabal you can find him at Jalendu Temple, the temple on the island you had to save or to blow up. I choose to kill him in this video because, you already saw it coming, he used you. After the job’s finished he display a evil side of him.

What is the canon ending of Far Cry 4?

The “canon” ending of Far Cry 4, I believe, is when you wait for him to come back and you go scatter the ashes together. All Min really wants is to hand control of the country over to you.

Can you romance Amita in Far Cry 4?

No you can’t, but I do agree she’s one of the prettiest video games character. And she’s not over-sexualized too, which is great for a female videogame character.

What happens if I don’t shoot Pagan Min?

If you shoot Pagan Min the game ends abruptly without you getting any information about your character, Ajay Ghale’s, history or what happened with his parents. That’s considered the “bad” ending. If you spare Pagan Min, he tells you what happened between your parents and that’s the “good” ending.

What happens if you wait for Pagan Min?

If you do wait, Min actually does return, and reveals that he’s not such a bad guy after all. He allows you to spread your mother’s ashes exactly where she requested, which just so happens to be next to the ashes of her daughter, who you learn is actually Min’s child.

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Which is the best Far Cry 3 ending?

The line in the very end, “You Won.” is merely to affirm that Jason Brody made the decision to choose his own path and now has a place in the future. And in the ending where you save your friends and leave the island, Citra begins saying how you will not be a warrior, not be a hero, as in you will be Vaas 2.0 to them.


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