The Stigma Dreamscape is among 2 post-game dungeons for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. Here"s how to take dvery own Stigma-4 and its underlings.

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It’s time to come to be ones and also zeroes as we dive into the digital world. Welconcerned one of two dungeons you have the right to run after finishing Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. The Stigma Dreamscape picks up on the story of Omega and the Omicrons establimelted in the Omega raid series and the Ultima Thule questline. It’s one of the dungeons compelled to unlock the Expert Duty Roulette. Only by diving right into The Stigma Dreamscape can you proccasion this warprefer machine race from taking to the stars as soon as again. You deserve to reap a version of the song “eScape” by The Primals throughout this dungeon, too!

If you’re wondering just how to access the 2 post-game, check out our Smileton and Stigma Dreamscape unlock guide. We also outline why it’s vital to run these dungeons for endgame content.

Be warned that dungeon guides contain spoilers. If you favor to preserve the surpincrease of dungeons for yourself, give them a try first before referring to a overview. Then, come earlier right here for some help if you have trouble!

Editor’s note: Staff writer Mike Williams contributed to this guide; put some respect on his name.

First Mob Pull

Time to whole the matrix. No, not that one. Most of these mob encounters are straightforward. The Omicron Invaders will certainly seldom usage Electric Stream, a line AoE called at a random party member — they additionally have Shocking Discharge, a point-babsence circle AoE. Tright here is one Level Ticker that will certainly use a point-empty AoE referred to as Recollection. Likewise, the dog-choose Eta Invaders have a circle AoE referred to as Master Cannon, which targets one party member.

First Boss: Proto-Omega

Well, this boss might seem acquainted if you’ve made your way via the Omega rassist series. You’ll fight this protokind of the Omega boss in a square arena. For most of the fight, the outer edge of it will damages and debuff.

Side Cannons: At the begin of this actors, the boss will note its left or right side through huge glowing arrows on the ground and also exhausts firing from the matching side of the character design. At the exceptionally end of the actors, Proto-Omega will light up that side of itself in a vast 180-degree AoE. You need to anticipate this considering that the AoE marker goes by fast. Stand also on the oppowebsite side of the boss to protect against damage. This will additionally develop a hazard zone approximately the outer edge of the arena.Rear/Front Interceptors: This works favor rear and front versions of Side Cannons, and the markers to telegraph the attack will certainly go by just as rapid at the last second. Get on the opposite side of the boss prior to the actors goes off.Chemical Missile: Three of the 4 party members will be tagged through purple AoE markers; spcheck out acomponent to prevent overlapping damage. You will want to spreview much acomponent, yet — each missile will certainly leave behind a burning AoE on the ground that players will need to avoid. This is added vital because of the following attack.Electric Slide: One player will certainly be tagged through a stacking marker; all players should gather to share the damage. Furthermore, you’ll notice a purple push-ago marker through this strike. When Proto-Omega stops on you, everyone will be puburned back in the corresponding direction. Make sure you align yourself so regarding not obtain puburned right into a burning AoE or the danger zone alengthy the edge of the arena.Guided Missile: Two players will be tethered to a slow-relocating missile that starts from exterior the arena. Marked players will certainly need to move amethod from others to protect against overlapping damages. These missiles will certainly additionally leave behind burning AoEs on the ground that players will certainly need to protect against too.Mustard Bomb: A simple tankbuster to cooldvery own and heal with.

All these mechanics will repeat until the boss is down. About halfmethod via the fight, Proto-Omega will certainly combine certain strikes, so account for managing multiple mechanics.

Second Mob Pull

In enhancement to even more Omicron Invaders, you’ll confront Lambda Invaders that have actually a rare tankbuster-choose attack called Wheel. You’ll also handle Delta Invaders that sometimes usage Rail Cannon, a line AoE targets towards a random player. Wall-to-wall pulls can acquire hectic via all these AoEs going off, so be ready to dodge and heal with it all.

Second Boss: Arch-Lambda

The fight against Arch-Lambda takes area in a circular platcreate. But are afraid not, tright here are no risk areas bordering the arena.

Wheel: A straightforward tankbuster to cooldvery own and also heal through.Auto-mobile Assault Cannon: As this strike is casting, Arch-Lambda will certainly pre-telegraph 4 huge line AoEs it’s going to hit in sequential order. These lines go from one finish of the arena to an additional. Anticipate wright here to relocate so you’re not recorded in the assault when it rushes through its line AoEs. Once this attack is done, relocate in the direction of the boss’ endsuggest because it will automatically follow up with…Wave Cannon: Once the boss is done via Auto-mobile Assault Cannon, it’ll actors Wave Cannon. This is a nearly room-wide AoE strike through the only safe zone being best up alongside the boss. Wave Cannon’s actors is fast, so you’ll desire to place yourself ahead of time to prevent damage.Atomic Flame: A party-wide strike that deals decent damage. Healers, be all set.Auto-mobile Sniper Cannon: The boss will position itself on one end of the arena and actors a line AoE straight to the other end. When this is being actors, each player will certainly be marked through one, 2, three, or four dots. The number of dots will certainly show a sepaprice line AoE that will certainly tarobtain each player from a starting point that’s marked through the same variety of dots within the initial line AoE. Players must place themselves so the line that hits them doesn’t overlap through one more.

These mechanics will certainly repeat till the boss is dvery own. As long as you’re able to telegraph all these strikes and also obtain right into the ideal positions beforehand, you’ll be simply fine.

Third Mob Pull

A few Omicron Invaders and Eta Invaders will display up here, yet a couple of new enemies you’ll need to handle are the Beta Invader and Hybrid Dragon. Hybrid Dragons could actors a huge line AoE toward its tarobtain referred to as Engulfing Flames. Just before the last boss, you’ll fight Omega Frame, which is simple to take care of — it’ll cast Thermite Bomb, which is a circle AoE targeted at one player that you have the right to prevent.

Final Boss: Stigma-4

Stigma-4 is a large glowing eyeball that will certainly contact upon some adds to do its bidding. Although tbelow are no pushago mechanics, beware of running into a risk zone that outlines this squared arena. You’ll also desire to pay attention to the means it transforms at certain points in the fight, as you’ll watch in the mechanics below.

AI Takeover: After this is done casting, an add will certainly spawn on one side of the arena. Tbelow are three things that have the right to happen after an AI Takeover, which we’ll describe below.When an Omega Frame spawns, it’ll actors Proto-wave Cannon. Similar to Side Cannons from the first boss, it’ll mark one of its sides via arrows on the ground before hitting that location via an AoE blast. Focus on taking down Omega Frame before going back to Stigma-4.It’ll actors Self-Destruct and perform significant damage if it’s not taken dvery own in time.When a Hybrid Dragon spawns, it’ll stomp the area it spawns on through a circle AoE. Afterward, it’ll cast Fire Breath, which is a super-wide cone AoE — the ground will not be noted until the last second, so position yourself well before the actors goes off. Focus on taking down Hybrid Dragon before going earlier to Stigma 4.It’ll actors Self-Destruct and also perform major damages if it’s not taken down in time.The last point AI Takeover will certainly perform is spawn multiple Proto-rocket Punches on one side of the arena. These will certainly actors Rush and shoot forward in a straight line AoE, so look for a gap in their alignment and also stand tright here to protect against obtaining hit.Atomic Ray: A solid party-wide assault that healers need to heal via.Uncalled point-blank AoE: At specific points in the fight, Stigma-4 will transdevelop itself, and the shape it creates will tell you what sort of assault is incoming. If it forms right into a DNA-favor spiral stairsituation, it’ll perform a point-blank AoE blast, so acquire much ameans from the boss.Unnamed donut AoE: If Stigma-4 transforms into two circles prefer a donut, it’ll actors a substantial donut-style AoE assault. Get within melee array of the boss to avoid getting hit.Mindhack: Things obtain tricky via Mindhack, which will certainly note each player via a details direction and also a 10-second timer (look at your debuffs bar). When the timer goes off, you will certainly be compelled to run in that direction without your control. This will be combined with any kind of of the abovementioned AoE attacks. You’ll need to account for the direction you’re provided and also position yourself so you end up in the matching safe zone.Multi-AI Takeover: This is the exact same as AI Takeover, except it will generate either Omega Frame or Hybrid Dragon in addition to a lineup of Proto-rocket Punches all at once. The mechanics are the exact same — they’re simply layered this time about, so prevent all AoE strikes as crucial.

That’s it! You’ve encouraged Stigma-4 and its underlings that humanity is not to be trifled with. You have effectively reprogrammed these robots to realize they stand also no chance in a battle against your kind, averting any kind of future disputes.

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The Stigma Dreamscape is just one of 2 post-game dungeons you can run, the other being Smileton (which we have actually a overview for as well). We have actually you extended from all angles for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, so if you require aid, be certain to use any of our guides listed below.