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"You gotta make the money first""Then once you acquire the money, you get the power""Then as soon as you obtain the power, Then you acquire the woman"The difficulty is you broke, You ain't gained no car or jobYou sluggish through your hustle, You dress favor a slobLadies ain't looking for no brothers choose thisThey want the dub-twisting ballers through the ice on their wristYou gotta get your cash right to acquire in the gameMight need to pull a pistol, Flip some caineGet out in them roads and hustle tough in the rainTake your come up and also reinvest to the game"You gotta make the money first"You need a lot to go farWhat you think is affluent, I simply spent on a carWhat you think is passist, I just blew on a watchWhat you think is well-off, I simply dropped on a yachtFlip the street cash and also try to pick some stocksKick back in your pad and also watch it roll favor cropsBut it really ain't that straightforward, Or we all would be richOne mistake, You're broke, The come up's a bitchMake the right moves and also forgain about sleepConcentprice on the paper chase, Join the eliteCouple of dun acquired mad cash and also money to spendMoney to directly blow and money to lendAnd only then, You made it previous stage one, My friend
Now you got the money and also the cash flow thickBut you really ain't nopoint but a richer trickJust because you're paid, you can still acquire thickBy your low life homies or skanless bitchYou gotta move it around, put it in the best handsMaybe a judge, Make a PA your friendUnderstand what really moves the worldRecognize what really moves these girlsJuice is even more crucial than cash for realMoney you spend, But true power you feelIt ain't that straightforward to reachRespect is around the hardest damn thing in the highways to getMake your moves correct, Watch your crewWatch your back, They watching youAnybody round you has actually gotta be trueOr you never make it previous stage twoListen, once you acquire the genuine true power, You knowPeople will feel you, Wherever before you goAnd once you really max this gameYou'll never have to say your name

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Now you gained the power, It's on, My friendCuz the one thing woguys love is effective menThe one point womales hate are brothers that bendThey act prefer they like 'em, But they just pretendThey wanna be via that male in the V.IThey don't wanna stand in lineYou outta your mind?That various other player's gained cash, But no juiceCuz the effective males acquire to chooseFrom a multitude of woguys that be steppin in crewsWilling to carry out much more than beforeGive you quick brains, It's insaneJust what the woman'll perform simply for youCuz if you obtained the power, Then they gets it tooIf you rollin benz, Then they rollin tooIf you livin phat, Then they ballin tooThat sounds stupid to you, Not to meThey winning one move once it takes us threeCars, Big dwellings, And shopping spreesWhile many of us view the penitentiary