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I’ll be the initially to admit that I’m not a huge fan of reviewing books. For one, it takes for friggin ever to review them thoaround, specifically as soon as it’s a behemoth favor Michael Spitzer’s Fitness at 40, 50, 60, and Beyond(400+ pages). Plus, I’m just not a fan of composing reviews these days.

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But I really wanted to examine out this book becauseSpitzer has actually been on the site a number of times spitting nopoint but impressive knowledge and also actionable advice in a no-BS style that fits our viewpoint. So inspect out this review on Fitness at 40, 50, 50, and also Beyond and watch how it have the right to aid you through all of your fitness and also nutrition questions – at any kind of age!

The Ultimate Fitness Book?


Fitness at 40, 50, 60, and also Beyond

“The # 1 Top Rated Guide for Weight Lossand Fitness Over Period 40”

Overview:Seriously, go gain a copy now! No matter your age, if you want a well-composed source of information from nutrition to fitness to every little thing in in between, this 400+ web page source deserve to assist you get results! While geared in the direction of the older crowd, the solid information provided can assist anyone – that’s why it received the highest-rated testimonial we’ve ever done!

Information:5.00/5 Engagement:4.90/5 Readability:4.95/5 Images: 4.95/5 Overall:4.95 / 5


Look, we all have a ton of fitness and nutrition inquiries – also myself who triesto make a living in this area. We all can use a referral fitness book we deserve to grabto help suggest us in the appropriate direction and that is what Michael Spitzer produced.

He produced the ultimate overview to reaching outcomes as we age and this sound advice deserve to help anyone get outcomes.

Thebook is built onhis many years of experience and is backed by scientific research. The male was a world-class chemist that marketed his lab in southern Florida prior to writingthe book.

If you have actually ever read any type of of my content you understand my whole background is science-based also.

This all equates to one of the finest sources of fitness information that I’ve come across and also I think everyone out tright here demands to get their hands on it.


We all understand that nutrition is the key to really achieving weight loss and also this book takes thetime to thoabout cover all the basics. It isloaded with information tohelp you determine your caloric needs and hits all the elements of nutrition.

While it is geared in the direction of those over 40 (those via a slowing metabolism), it have the right to be useful to anyone.

Not only that, yet it thoaround covers hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. As we age men’s manufacturing of testosterone deserve to decrease and women going with menopausage have the right to have hormonal difficulties via points like estrogen.

This book depicts some natural methods to help deal with this imbalance.

Plus, if you are searching for a fitness book to overview you through dozens of exercises for a certain body part then look no even more. Not just are tright here images of each exercise however Spitzer walks you through several stretches as well! Simply put – it’s the complete package and also honestly it’s somepoint he need to be proud of!

Engagement / Readability

If you are going to acquire with a 400+ web page fitness book it better be well created and engaging. Nopoint like pounding your head against the wall while analysis some author goes on and also on favor it’s a textbook. That sucks and also deserve to kill a well-researched book.

I uncovered this book to be extremely engaging and fun.

It’s composed in a fun, no-nonfeeling tone that speaks to many of us and also is flush with anecdotes and first-hand also experiences that make you think and also trust the writer.

In my initially sitting, I blew with 100 pages of some pretty hefty information but Spitzer made it conveniently understandable and enjoyable. I didn’t feel as though I was listening to a college professor monotonously carry one about physics (or insert your leastern favorite subject).

For instance, ever heard trans fats described this way?

The one exemption is trans-fats. Trans-fats execute indeed seem to be a product spawned by the Devil himself and dumped on mankind as a form of dietary plaque.

That appropriate there speaks to me!


An picture states a thousand also words, right? We see this day-to-day on social media. Type out a good workout and also blast it to your followers and no one notices but throws up a photo of some buff male or pretty girl and the point goes viral. I just say this because imeras have the right to include huge worth and expertise to a book and also this book is loaded with excellent imperiods on just how to percreate exercises and also stretches.

These black and white imeras aid the reader even more thoroughly understand what Spitzer is talking around and likewise keeps the reader engaged!

Wrap-Up: Verdict

With the huge publishing service providers out tbelow acquiring all the limelight, this book hasn’t gotten the total attention it deserves.

This thing have the right to really aid you crush your purposes at any type of age.

It comes with a highly engaging, fun, matter-of-truth tone to gain you up and also active and also taking regulate of your life. It’s your life to live, so why not be as healthy as possible? We extremely recommend this book and wish we would have actually discovered it sooner.

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Go grab your copy currently and also trust me you will watch that this thing can help answer almost any kind of fitness question you have! We offer it a 4.95/5!

Want to get your own? Check it out HERE!

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