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- All best, little bit lady, come on. It"s means previous your nest time.

- Oh, Mom. Five even more minutes? Two even more minutes? One even more minutes?

- Oh! Oh, no. Shh. Shh. Don"t cry. I"m here. Come on. Come on.

- Come, speak your crying, it will certainly be all appropriate. Just take my hand also, organize it tight.

- I will protect you from all roughly you. I will be here, don"t you cry.

- For one so little, you seem so solid. My arms will certainly hold you, save you safe and warm.

- This bond in between us can"t be broken. I will be right here, do not you cry.

- "Cause you"ll be in my heart. Yes, you"ll be in my heart from now on fow and also forever before even more.

- You"ll be in my heart, no issue what they say. You"ll be here in my heart always.

- Almethods.

- Tarzan. Tarzan?


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Tarzan (1999) Sound Clip


Famous sayings and funny quotes from Disney"s Tarzan (1999), featuring brief sound clips that you deserve to use as ringtones or tradition computer system sounds.

Actors: Tony Goldwyn (Tarzan), Minnie Driver (Jane Porter), Wayne Knight (Tantor), Rosie ODonnell (Terk), Glenn Close (Kala), Lance Henriksen (Kerchak), Brian Blessed (William Clayton), Nigel Hawthorne (Professor Archimedes Q. Porter)

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