Vanessa searches for answers, Marques wishes for a fresh start, Nia has actually a surprise guest, and Laila realizes she may be in peril when her plans with Susie Q autumn via.

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Flashing earlier to the previous, Kareem gets Marques a walk-on on the college basketround team, Laila encounters an attack that alters her life, and Vanessa befriends Nia at a protest.

The Kings are dubbed in for questioning, protection footage of Vanessa and Kalinda"s confrontation gets leaked to the push, and Laila searches for Susie Q.

After Laila"s abduction, her captor demands a ransom from Marques, the Kings address the continuous presence of the paparazzi at their home, and also Vanessa calls on Nia for help.

Terrence trails the cops on Nia"s befifty percent, Laila confronts Roxanne after she learns the fate of Susie Q, and also Detective Loomis finds holes in Vanessa"s alibi for the night of Kalinda"s murder.

The womales make a exploration on Roxanne"s phone that leads them to Kalinda"s killer, Vanessa shares massive news via Marques, and a scorned devil sends out a Nia a message.
Kareem"s mommy reveals a family members trick, Laila has actually a readjust of fortune, Nia gets a mysterious package, brand-new evidence surencounters in Kalinda"s murder instance, and Vanessa gives Marques troubling news.
Marques"s dad comes to take treatment of him via Vanessa gone, Quanisha pressures Kareem to usage his relations for their wedding, and Eric"s conspiracy theory gets him in trouble with Nia.
Marques has actually trouble concentrating on the court while his daughter is still absent, a mysterious package sends out Eric dvery own a conspiracy rablittle hole, and Nia hits it off through Laila"s new costar.
Nia learns that Eric"s conspiracy theories might have had actually some validity, Kareem gets an possibility from the Vipers, and also Marcus adjusts to playing via the team"s new superstar.
Laila is unnerved by an unwelcome visitor from her previous, Marques and also Eden"s relationship heats up, Kareem gets a taste of his own medicine, and also Nia"s investigation takes a strange rotate.
Marques transforms to Eden after lashing out at the paparazzi, Laila faces push from Jason"s lawyer, Quanisha struggles to win over Kareem"s mother, and also Nia"s study puts her and MJ in peril.
Marques brings the crew back to his hometvery own as soon as his high college jersey number gets retired, MJ gets attracted deeper into a civilization of conspiracies, and also Laila feels judged by Nia.
An on-air occurrence puts Kareem"s task in jeopardy, Marques fears potential backlash against his partnership through Eden, and a discovery leaves Nia questioning MJ"s loyalty.
Laila problems her come-up is an exreadjust for her silence, Nia helps the LAPD catch Eric"s killer, Kareem learns of his father"s deception, and also Marques gets a surprise at Eden"s household home.
Kareem and Quanisha celebprice their wedding day, Eden presents Marques with information that might readjust every little thing for him, and also MJ deals with dire results as soon as he tries to carry out best by Nia.
C.J. suspects Lisa is cheating on a brand-new Tyler Perry"s House of Payne, and Mr. Brvery own addresses maintenance issues his way on a brand-new Tyler Perry"s Assisted Living, founding Tuesday at 8/7c.
The fates of the first household and the innocent pawns captured up in their power battle are revealed as soon as Tyler Perry"s The Oval returns for a new seakid, Tuesday at 9/8c.
Two womales fighting to survive uncover assistance as soon as they require it the many in brand-new episodes of The Waiting Room, premiering Saturday at 10/9c.
Family Fun Night is ago with the dehowever of all-new episodes of Tyler Perry"s Housage of Payne and Tyler Perry"s Assisted Living, beginning October 12 at 8/7c.
Hosts Tye Tribsteustatiushistory.orgt and Jekalyn Carr celebrate gospel"s biggest night via performances by CeCe Winans, Hezekiah Walker, The Clark Sisters and also more at the Stellar Awards 2021, Sunday at 8/7c.
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