FOX News’ Negative “Spring Break Exposed” Report Makes Spring Break Look Fun As Shit

For as much as I assume everyone connected through FOX News drinks very heavily and also is associated in (multiple) sexual improprieties, they sure have a massively negative see of college spring break. Yes, I understand what their audience desires reiterated to them — conservative values, Jesus is watching, just anal prior to you’re married, yada yada yada; still appears pretty hypoimportant to me, though. It’s prefer if Bill Clinton came out versus the dangers of cigars (they are dangerous how you use them, Bill; just not in the very same way).

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Check out what FOX News’ Sean Hannity and world’s youngest looking 40-year-old Ainsley Earhardt had actually to say around the most wonderful time of spring semester.

My concept is that this is all just one substantial reverse psychology maneuver by FOX News. They know you’re going to think spring break is even even more awesome after watching their report, which indicates you’re going to keep parabsorbing it, which means they’re going to have actually spring break content yearly which they have the right to usage to continually bolster their picture as the family members friendly news network while all the liberal despots continue to strike conservative values by playing a recording of our president saying the word “p*ssy.” I watch what you’re doing, FOXy, and I respect it. Content never sleeps.

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5 years earlier at 3:54 pm


Not permitting college youngsters to turn up is stimulanting the economy??, psshhh get out of here. You understand regional company are losing profits.

5 years earlier at 4:11 pm


What’s bullshit is that the old dudes threw dvery own harder than us once they were our age. Tright here were no rules. Conservatives and Liberals afavor keep pretending prefer they were never college kids and also shutting fun shit down. Also, what dumbass brings their household to PCB in March and gets mad that it’s PCB. That’s like placing your hand also on a oven and getting pissy cause it was hot.

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5 years back at 4:18 pm

As nice as it’d be to chomp dvery own on the earlier finish of some of those girls (and those featured in the spring break contest), I can’t. Not as well difficult at leastern. You deserve to look yet don’t touch women. Safety initially.