“The Burton Theory” is an unfinished concept, with most relations still to be made and also probably even more movies to connect.


All of Tim Burton’s original films (Frankenweenie, Vincent, Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, Nightmare Before Christmas and also, Corpse Bride) are connected



Vincent’s “Wife” never existed, yet he insisted that he buried her alive and eliminated her. He tried to lug her ago to life, to reconstruct her.This led to the development of “Sally” that later on “died” and also currently resides in Halloween Town.

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Which leads us to Frankenweenie.


Their facial framework are the same, and Zero’s nose glowing is explained, currently.

Edgar ‘E’ Gore


He dies by Sparky’s electrical shock and then stays in Halloween Tvery own, thriving approximately becomes well-known as the Wolfman.

Bob (seamonessential kid)


Which then leads us to after the second (and final) death of Sparky.

Victor’s parental fees buy him a brand-new dog, in an attempt to help him acquire over Sparky. This dogs name is Scraps. Scraps, too, ultimately dies (of unrecognized causes).After shedding a second dog Victor loses it and also runs ameans, inevitably being embraced by the Van Dort’s.Shortly after being adopted he is forced into an arranged marital relationship to Victoria Everglot, whose parental fees, Finis and Maudeline, erected the marriage to save them from the negative house.



She was Victors neighbor. They appeared to have actually a childhood crush and some chemistry between one an additional. After Victor runs amethod she slips into a deep depression, coming to be an empty shell of a girl. Her parents don’t know just how to address her or help her and decide the only choice is to offer her up for adoption.Wanting to move forward and also foracquire whatever that has actually occurred, she changes her name to Lydia in an effort to start over. She is ultimately embraced by Delia and Charles Deetz, and moves right into Barbara and Adam Maitland’s old residence at the beginning of Beetlejuice.

*NOTE: Small lips, massive eyes, eccentric hair layouts.

Mr. Burgemeister & Finis Everglot


After the loss of her cat Mr. Whiskers, and recurring failed attempts to make her parents think what occurred to him, “Weird Girl” is offered up for fostering and is eventually embraced by Peg and also Jim.

This leads to the occasions of Edward Scissorhands, wbelow we learn that her name is Kim.

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(This defines why she is not afraid of Edward and also tbelow are no baby pictures of Kim, just ones of her as a young girl, to her present age. )

That’s it! What execute you think? Got anypoint to add?

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