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You will shortly stop more eloquently about a greater number of controversial modern worries due to your erudition.

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You will certainly soon stop even more beauticompletely about more argument-leading to modern-day topics because of your (remarkable knowledge). simplifies difficult English. Enter tough sentences (or entirety chapters) right into the yellow box at the optimal of the page. (You deserve to likewise enter a web site URL.) Click text and you"ll instantly check out an less complicated version, for quick expertise. The reworded words are highlighted— click them to hear and learn the original harder word. You have the right to readjust exactly how the highlighting works to match the means you learn!

Do you dislike dictionaries because they"re confmaking use of and unhelpful? You"ll love"s clear, easy-to-understand also definitions—they adjust to match the original word or phrase"s part of speech, verb tense, and also singular/plural develop, so they make feeling. Our remarkable steustatiushistory.orging Engine is what makes it all possible, and also no other internet site has actually it.

Want to view something now? Click Classic Literature at the optimal and begin reading—less complicated.

Read better tomorrow.

Discover even more words much faster. Our exclusive Learning Sessions proactively teach you words so you learn them. Any time you paste in a block of text, our software finds all the hard words, lets you pick which ones you desire to learn, and also then teaches them to you in a Learning Session.

A Learning Session isn"t an virtual quiz: it"s an efficient, action by action process where you hear words and phrases, type them, and also review them. The software application re-teaches you specifically what you require once you need it, and also moves ahead once you"re ready. When you"ve learned a word, the site stops "rewording" it, so the website grows via you as you learn! Discover more about Learning Sessions.

Discover your method.
Sample sentence:"I supplied to loathe and also eschew perutilizing English."
Style:Reword; click to view originalI supplied to hate and also protect against very closely analysis English. Click/tap the highlighting
Style:Don"t reword; click to view definitionI used to loathe and also eschew perusing English. Click/tap the highlighting
Style:InlineI used to loathe and eschew perusing English.
Style:Two-columnI provided to loathe and also eschew perusing English.I offered to hate and stop closely analysis English.

Discover the way you want—from what you desire to read. You deserve to change the way the website works to fit your finding out style as you review and learn from nearly any message passage or internet web page. See the different highlighting layouts in the box? You deserve to pick any kind of of them, and also lots even more choices. Click the Settings link (at the bottom of the page now, or at the optimal of any page) to check out all the options you have actually. (The demo message in the box below never before alters.)

Chart your progress and have actually fun. You can save track of your learning through lots of in-depth charts that display exactly how you"re doing. Plus, as you use the site, you earn points and also obtain Learning Stars—a fun reward for analysis and also learning!Now you deserve to easily gain your students connected in their learning: let them select the text that interests them. Let them print and also finish the tasks via which they"re many comfortable. Imagine each student discovering vocabulary customized to his or her interests, while you have actually time to teach rather of inputting. Could differentiation by interest or readiness be any kind of easier? You have the right to start doing it this particular day, for cost-free.

Teach even more, kind much less.

You never have to form one more vocabulary list or quiz aobtain.

Type (or copy-paste) in any type of block of message in the yellow box at the optimal of this page, click text, and click the Print/Learning activities button. Here"s exactly how. You (or your students!) deserve to choose from a wealthy range of quizzes and learning tasks, through or without answer secrets.

Do you should teach (or not teach) particular vocabulary words and phrases? provides you the precise control you need for specialized vocabulary instruction. You deserve to make customized word lists so the site rewords and also teaches any word or phrase exactly the means you desire.

Discover the way you want—from what you want to read. You can readjust the way the website works to fit your finding out style as you check out and also learn from nearly any text passage or internet web page. See the various highlighting formats in the box? You can pick any type of of them, and lots more alternatives. Click the Settings attach (at the bottom of the web page now, or at the optimal of any page) to view all the selections you have actually. (The demo message in the box here never alters.)

Chart your progress and have fun. You deserve to store track of your finding out via numerous comprehensive charts that present how you"re doing. Plus, as you usage the site, you earn points and gain Learning Stars—a fun reward for analysis and learning!Now you can easily acquire your students associated in their learning: let them choose the message that interests them. Let them print and finish the tasks through which they"re most comfortable. Imagine each student finding out vocabulary customized to his or her interests, while you have actually time to teach instead of typing. Could differentiation by interest or readiness be any easier? You deserve to start doing it today, for free.

Build a learning library.

Save all your records online so anyone can read them and also learn from them at any kind of time.

Just log in, something, and also click the Share button.

Select just how public or exclusive you desire the document, enter the title, writer, etc., and also you"re done!

You get a attach that you have the right to put in your virtual lesson plans, teacher web peras, or blog. No more steustatiushistory.orging the same thing over and also over again!

You can see, manage and modify all your records from any kind of computer. Just log in (or create a cost-free, safe account) and also begin structure your discovering library. Here"s just how to perform it.

Improve learning outcomes.

At Educator Central, you deserve to create and also regulate student accounts, monitor your students" discovering, and also obtain thorough analysis and also finding out analytics that aid you make smart classroom decisions. For totally free. Now.

(In a hurry? Log in. Click Educator Central at the peak.)

In a couple of minutes, you deserve to create student accounts on, and also conveniently monitor your students" reading and also discovering development. Get actionable finding out and error analytics as your students check out and also learn from any type of document you short article, or from any type of document or internet page they desire to read.

Imagine each student discovering various words based upon his or her interest or capability level. It"s simple to do: deindications and teaches individualized vocabulary lessons via our very effective Learning Sessions, so you have actually the moment to teach students the important stuff: just how to learn, exactly how to break with obstacles, how to think the words "I deserve to carry out it."

As your students review and also learn, gain comprehensive charts and reports that tell you what you have to know—by student, by course, or for all your classes.


Effectively complement interventions via students, based on thorough error breakdowns that let you see what you need to see in a few clicks.

Student accounts are anonymous, and also they save your students safe and concentrated on finding out.

Start making use of it now: Log in and also click on Educator Central at the optimal. Read even more about Educator Central.

It"s cost-free, rapid, and also safe. is cost-free virtual software application. You"re using it currently. There"s nothing to buy or install. It functions on any computer system, tablet, or smartphone. Just allude your browser to and begin analysis and learning. Yes, it"s tablet-friendly—no mouse necessary. Yes, your entirety college district deserve to develop teacher and student accounts, without entering any kind of personal information. When? Now.

It"s quick. Wasting your (and your students" time) is bad. That"s why was designed from the ground up to be lightning-rapid and also usage very little bit data. The website does not have actually a hundred images of puppies and also kit10s and also a hundred web links to a hundred lists. What it does have is rate and ease of usage, which are very nice as soon as you have to teach a room full of teenagers. Or adults.

It"s an application. Want the app? You"re utilizing it. Wasn"t that easy? The website is a web application, which is great for you, because you acquire almost-day-to-day site updates automatically—so you have the right to read and learn, not downpack and install application updays.

We store youngsters safe online. requires no individual information. Student accounts are completely anonymous and cannot short article or share anything. Read more about just how we protect children"s privacy.

* can display streamlined versions of internet pages. Our state-of-the-art internet filtering technology blocks millions of incorrect sites and questionable language, to defend children digital and also store them analysis only what they must be analysis. Read more about exactly how we safeguard children from inproper product.

Features & benefitsFeaturesBenefitsHow to gain it
Difficult English is intelligently simplified through our exclusive steustatiushistory.orging EngineSaves time when reading tough text, enhances comprehension and self-confidence, and boosts total reading timeCopy-paste entire message passperiods right into the yellow box and press text. You"ll check out a streamlined version. Read more.
Definitions are straightforward to understand, context-conscious, and also enhance verb tense and part of speechReduces frustration and boosts comprehension by maximizing time invested reading versus dictionary researchCopy-paste any kind of message passage into the yellow box and also "" it. Click the highlighted words. Read even more.
Learning Sessions proactively teach individualized vocabulary lessons through research-prcooktop multimodal techniquesImproves vocabulary and word retentionAfter you "" text, you"ll see a purple bar at the optimal. Click the butloads to pick difficult words and also learn them in an efficient Learning Session. Read even more.
Site very closely monitors student reading time, discovering progress, and also finding out errors, and offers educators full-shade, real-time charts and also reportsGives actionable finding out information that helps improve student learning outcomesCreate an account. Click on Educator Central. Create totally free student accounts. Blog post assignments virtual. Get finding out data. Make smart classroom decisions based on valid information. Read more.
Site identifies and extracts over 58,000 difficult words and also phrases from any message and also creates a well-off selection of finding out tasks through answer keysSaves time when teaching and gives students individualized discovering activitiesCopy-paste any type of text passage into the yellow box and "" it. Click Print/Learning Activities. Pick the quizzes, activities, vocab lists, cloze tasks you desire, through keys. Publish them. Read more.
Software allows users to change the difficulty level and presentation style of the output textImproves engagement by enabling easy differentiation by learning style and readinessCopy-paste any kind of message passage and "" it. Click Settings. Change the text presentation style, "steustatiushistory.orging level" (obstacle level), also the highlighting style. Read more.
Site works as an app on any tool, making use of a minimum of dataAllows for basic district rollout on practically any type of existing gadget while conserving Web bandwithPoint any type of device"s internet browser to and it works prefer an app. Here"s exactly how to make an application symbol on your house screen or desktop.
Site calculates accurate text complexity measures, including our exclusive READVERTISEMENT scoreImproves engagement and also discovering via the selection of proper reading any kind of message passage. Click the Stats switch. Read more.
Site"s web browser app (bookmarklet) extracts the majority of internet peras to for learning in one clickImproves engagement and also total analysis time with independent selection of high-interemainder materialsInstall our free browser application. Browse the internet. At any web page, click the " text" button. Read the extracted message on
You can post any type of document and also share it publicly, privately, or via a passwordIncreases analysis time and also company of learning materialsLog in. Paste in a file and also "" it. Click the Share button, share it, and also gain a link. Article the link to your teacher web page. Or, add it as a assignment. Here"s exactly how to post papers. Here"s exactly how to produce assignments.
Site calculates points and also screens Learning Stars based on total minutes read and also words learnedIncreases reading time and also engagement by making the website more funLog in and start reading and clicking the purple bar to do Learning Sessions. Points and also Learning Stars will screen. Click My Learning/My Documents to see charts of your progress. Read more.
Over 300 pieces of classical literary works are availableImproves comprehension of the classics—from Shakespeare to Douglass to AustenClick Classic literature at the height. Or, type a word favor Frankenstein right into the search box at the height.
What educators are saying:“Pretty impressive...” –Time Magazine“One of the the majority of innovative websites...” –Jamie Martin,“Will revolutionize your vocabulary instruction...” –Mrs. Waters" English (blog)“This is AMAZING.” –Mark Giufre, Educational Technology for All Learners“You may be surprised at how valuable it deserve to be...” –Burnaby School District 41“A excellent web application...” –Kelly Tenkely, iLearn Technology Blog“A excellent tool for students to have actually...” –Avi Spector, Beyond the Tools“Excellent tool to improve comprehension...” –Educational Technology and Mobile Learning“A wonderful tool...” –Karen Janowski, EdTech Solutions“This can be a great resource for students...” –Heidi Neltner, Learning In Progress“Makes your life less complicated...” –Glenn Wiebe, History Tech blog“The website has many kind of exceptional attributes...” –Dr. Albert P. Rayan, The New Indian Express“Outstanding...” –Patric Barbieri, LABBB“An extrasimple website...” –Larry Ferlazzo,“So many type of possibilities...” –Jen Jones, Hello Literacy“A terrific teaching tool...” –David Kapuler (Review),“A must for saving and bookmarking for classroom usage...” –“A excellent tool and easy to use...” –Bruce Ellis (Video on YouTube)“I highly recommend exploring” –Technology Tidbits“Huge potential for students” –Jody Watboy (Video on YouTube)“A cool internet tool...” –David Keck“Great teacher devices obtainable...” –Holly Whitt, The Curious Librarian“Immediate application for students...” –Anne Benninghof, Ideas for EducatorsGet began now!

Here"s what to perform next:

First, carry out the demo. You"ll be an experienced in five minutes: Click right here for the demo.

Find Out the site, action by action. Our First-Time User Guide plainly shows you exactly how to get began.

Teachers: Discover about Educator Central and all it have the right to execute to aid improve student finding out outcomes. Also, you can print lots of free, full-shade literature to aid you gain began in the classroom.

Have some fun. Are you up for a vocabulary challenge? Play Reworperform and Difficult Hangman. Be aware: they"re not straightforward.

Browse some standards. Want to be even more certain of Shakespeare, or brush up on Bronte? Scroll to the height, and click the Standard Literature connect. It"s a fast method to obtain began using the website. Or, use the Search bar at the optimal. Try entering the word raven to understand the resolve Poe, that babsence bird, and the "Nevermore" thing.

Check out the goodies. You deserve to install our One-Click Learning browser applet that allows you a lot of web pages in one click. Our cool (and free, of course) School Clock tells you the existing time and date, what class duration you"re currently in, countdowns to the next period, and also even more. You deserve to customize it for any school"s schedule, and make as many kind of different School Clocks as you have different day schedules. Use it now.

Show the love! Please tell us around mistakes the website renders once "rewording" and also defining words. That feedback is the single a lot of practical thing you deserve to do to help the website (and learners about the world). Click below to contact us. Do you want to assist defray the site"s operating expenses, and also review an excellent thriller at the same time? You can! Get your copy of Electric Dawn.

Contact us. We want to help you! Please usage the Contact page with any concerns or comments.

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Site summary: helps via analysis comprehension and also vocabulary advancement by simplifying English to a reduced reading level. It allows you reword a sentence or reword a paragraph. It will certainly simplify English by reducing message intricacy. It"s a dictionary different that will certainly enhance understanding and also teach vocabulary. It"s an important component of reading instruction and also vocabulary instruction for ESL students, civilization with analysis disabilities, world with a discovering discapability, or anyone that desires to boost reading skill.