As we sheight, members of Bullet Club – lead by ROH World Champion Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson), “The Villain” Marty Scurll and also Hangman Page – are in Ontario, California, which happens to be the site of tonight’s Monday Night Raw. While this may seem coincidental (they had actually a Hot Topic appearance nearby), it’s been stated rather plainly by the members of Bullet Club that it is by opportunity that they’re tright here. In truth, the #BCInvasion has commenced.

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The #BCinvasion marches to RAW…

— Cody Rhodes (

You don’t kidnap the hangguy and gain away through it. I’m coming for you, WWE Stooge.

theAdamPage) September 25, 2017

We're going to attack Monday Night Raw ?#villain ☔️

— Marty Scurll (
MattJackson13) September 25, 2017

Young Buck’s Nick Jackkid also posted a photo of them external the Citizens Business Banks Arena, wbelow Raw is being filmed tonight.

You males think we're playing……#BCInvasion

— The Young Bucks (
NickJacksonYB) September 25, 2017

We're here! #villain ☔️

— Marty Scurll (

Cody Rhodes took time to rally the troops by leading them all in an inspirational speech from history.

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CodyRhodes quoting Independence Day is among the greatest things I've watched in my entire life. #BCInvasion

— Nick (
WrassleOpinions) September 25, 2017

Photo: WWE

Many fans will certainly alert the similarities between Bullet Club’s “invasion” Monday Night Raw to that of WWE’s D-Generation X back in April of 1998, as soon as they drove a tank to WCW‘s Monday Nitro in Norindividual, Virginia. Back then D-X were trying to cost-free their friends Scott Hall and Kevin Nash from WCW business, while this day seems favor a revenge ploy for “kidnapping” Hangguy Page for the past few weeks (although perhaps more bereason of cease-and-desist letters for saying “Suck It” or “Fuck The Revival” from the WWE head office). Although they did pay homage to DX’s pleregarding release their Kliq mates by demanding former Bullet Club members Finn Balor, Karl Anderson and also Doc Gallows be let outside.