On 10 February 2021 The very anticipated Brand-New seakid and episodes of Twist Of Fate Seachild 3 is Coming soon On Zee people but the great news is that Twist of Fate Seaboy 3 will proceed from wbelow it stopped which is … “The component where Tanu tries to kill Pragya and also her unborn babies, however Abhi, Aliya and also others kick her out of the residence.

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Twist Of Fate Seakid 3 Full story:

Abhi finds out about Kiara being his daughter in Neha’s wedding, Mitali and Raaj’s daughter. Abhi involves understand that King and Pragya aren’t married for real. He convinces Pragya of his love and also remarries her, after his union, Pragya expects twins. A jealous Tanu attempts to kill Pragya and also her unborn infants, yet Abhi, Aliya and also others kick her out of the house. King too realises his mistake and decides to safeguard Pragya from Tanu. Tanu reaches out to her ex-boyfrifinish Nikhil and instientrances him to take revenge from Abhi by murdering Pragya and also her twins. Nikhil enters Mehra mansion through the intention of murdering Pragya and also her twins yet Kiara identifies him. . To save himself from being exposed, he alters his strategy and also kidnaps Kiara. Nikhil then calls Abhi and Pragya to research ransom money, but ultimately intends to finish Kiara’s life time to complete his sin that results to Pragya and also Abhi blaming each-other. The outcomes end in Abhi carrying 1 twin and also Pragya taking another.

two decades later on On Twist of Fate Seakid 3

Pragya is situated in Hoshiarpur via her daughter Prachi, Beeji and also Beeji’s grand-daughter, Shahana who stays through Pragya and also Prachi and calls Pragya as Maasi. Abhi is settled via his daughter Rhea who’s cared by a governess, Meera and also has likewise shifted his residential property. The Mehras are currently neighbors via the Kohlis, Vikram Kohli, who’s Abhi’s business partner and frifinish, his wife Pallavi, their two youngsters Ranbir, Mishti and also Daljeet, Vikram’s mom. Purab has actually divorced Disha and also wed Alia. They have a kid together called Aryan. Prachi gets a scholarship to research in exactly the specific exact same institution where Rhea study in Delhi. Pragya though initially reluctant, however decides to ship Prachi contemplating her future. In Delhi, Prachi and Abhi satisfy several times and also produce a cshed bond via one another. While, the twins begin their connection on a bad note and also Rhea starts hating Prachi. She constantly plots versus Prachi and lands her in trouble many times. 1 such episodes renders Pragya go back to Delhi to rescue her daughter. Pragya, Prachi and Shahana, begin remaining in Sarita behen’s residence that lovingly calls Pragya as Anuradha (her daughter’s name). This contributes to numerous confusion since everybody from Abhi’s side calls Pragya as Anuradha (which provides Abhi likewise feel that Prachi’s mum’s name is Anuradha), whilst Pragya never before realizes that Abhi is as everybody calls him Mr. Mehra.

Though Abhi and also Pragya fulfill in varied events, they are not able to reconcile with each various other due to many kind of misunderstandings made by Priyanka and also Alia. At the institution, Prachi and also Ranbir instantly have a dischoose for one an additional. While Rhea plans revenge on Prachi and puts forth a require in front of Ranbir to break the facility of Prachi. Ranbir hesitantly agrees however while attempting to proceed with Rhea’s plan, he lastly drops in love via Prachi. Shortly, Prachi likewise reciprocates his love. Rhea realizing that she’s dropped Ranbir to Prachi, inhas a tendency to kill Prachi, but her reality comes out in front of Pragya, Prachi, Ranbir, Sarita behen and Shahana. Ranbir breaks all ties through Rhea and proposes Prachi. Rhea pertains to understand the reality that Pragya is her mum and Prachi her older twin sister, yet misunderstands Pragya. Later, as an outcome of her misunderstanding and having dropped Ranbir, Rhea decides to kill herself. This offers advantage for Alia to poiboy Kohli family members and also Abhi’s head against Prachi. Abhi misunderstands Prachi and vents out his rage on her. When, Pragya realizes that Mr. Mehra humiliated her daughter. She goes to meet him.

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This brings Abhi and Pragya confront to confront through one another and realize the reality that Prachi and also Rhea are their various other twins, from whom they had split twenty years before. But, Pragya prevents Abhi from revealing the reality to Prachi. In a fit of anger, Abhi breaks all ties with Pragya, though still being madly in love via her. On the other hand, Pallavi and also Beeji arrangement for Ranbir and also Rhea’s participation and also set no jewels turned to various Prachi from Ranbir.


Twist Of Fate Seakid 3 Full story

Twist Of Fate Seakid 3 Cast/Realname:


Shikha Singh Acted as – Alia Purab Khanna (née Mehra) : Abhishek’s sister; Tanu’s ideal friend; Purab‘s wife; Aryan’s mother; Kiara, Prachi and Rhea’s auntNaina Singh Acted as – Rhea Mehra: Pragya and also Abhi’s younger twin; Kiara and also Prachi’s younger sisterKrishna Kaul Acted as – Ranbir Kohli: Pallavi and also Vikram’s son; Prachi’s fiancé, Rhea’s love interest; Mishti’s brother


Madhu Raja Acted as – Daljeet Arora: Raghuveer’s mother; Pragya, Bulbul, Preeta and Shrishti’s grandmotherArjit Taneja Acted as – Purab Khanna: Abhishek’s best friend, Bulbul and Disha’s previous husband; Alia’s husband; Sunny and Aryan’s fatherMadhurima Tuli Acted as – Tanushree “Tanu”: Abhi’s previous lover; Alia’s finest friendJActed as -jeet Babbar Acted as – Janki: Arora family’s housekeeper; Poorvi’s motherZareena Khan Acted as – Indu Suri: Matriarch of Mehra family; Abhishek, Raj, AkActed as -h and Alia’s cousin grandmotherAjay Trehan Acted as – Ajay Mehra: Pammi’s husband; Raj and AkActed as -h’s father; Abhishek and also Alia’s uncleShivaani Sopuri Acted as – Pammi Mehra: Ajay’s wife; Raj and also AkActed as -h’s mother; Abhishek and Alia’s auntSwati Anand Acted as – Mitali Raj Mehra: Raj’s wife; Neha’s motherRavi Chauhan Acted as – Robin: Mehra family’s butlerCharu Mehra Acted as – Poorvi: Jaanki’s daughter; Pragya and also Bulbul’s namesake sisterHaelyn ShActed as -tri Acted as – News ReporterNikhil Arya Acted as – Nikhil Sood: Tanu’s former loverRajat Dahiya later inserted Arya in the roleBobby Khanna Acted as – Mr. Mehta: Tanu’s fatherRoma Lavani Acted as – Mrs. Mehta: Tanu’s motherPratik Parihar Acted as – Manohar: Abhi’s accountant that plotted a trap in addition to Alia against PragyaSharhaan Singh Acted as – Sangram Singh Chautala: Disha’s ex-fiancéVijay KActed as -hyap Acted as – Raghuveer Arora: Daljeet’s son; Sarla’s husband; Pragya, Preeta, Bulbul and Shristi’s fatherShwetanshu Singh Acted as – Dr. SheilaRoma Bali Acted as – Tarun’s mother: King’s auntKavita Ghai Acted as – Rahul’s motherRakesh Kukreti Acted as – Rahul’s fatherKaurwakee VActed as -istha Acted as – Kiara Mehra: Pragya and Abhi’s daughter; Prachi and Rhea’s sisterVedaansh Jaju Acted as – Sunny Khanna: Disha and Purab’s boy, Aryan’s half-brotherAbeer Adil Acted as – Tarun: King’s cousin; Neha’s husband Richa Rathore Acted as – Neha “Babli” Mehra: Mitali and also Raj’s daughter; Tarun’s wifeZeeshan Khan Acted as – Aryan Khanna: Alia and Purab’s son; Kiara, Prachi and Rhea’s initially cousin; Sunny’s fifty percent brother; Ranbir’s ideal friendAparna Mishra Acted as – Shahana: Prachi’s finest friend and also namesake sister; Beeji’s granddaughter; Pragya’s namesake nieceMehul Kajaria Acted as – Vikram Kohli: Daljeet’s son; Pallavi’s husband; Ranbir and also Mishti’s father; Abhishek’s frifinish and service partnerKhyaati Khandke Keswani Acted as – Pallavi Vikram Kohli: Vikram’s wife; Ranbir and Mishti’s motherPooja Singh Acted as – Mishti Kohli; Vikram and Pallavi’s daughter, Ranbir’s sisterActed as -hwini Tobe Acted as – Dimpy : Rhea’s FriendShivali Choudhry Acted as – Shaina : Rhea’s FriendGautam Nain Acted as – Rishi Dhaval: Sarita’s grandson; Prachi and also Shahana’s friend; Purab’s employeeKajal Chauhan Acted as – Priyanka Rane: Abhi’s friend’s daughter, Rishi’s obsessive loverAbhishek Kumaarr Acted as – Jai: Ranbir and also Aryan’s friendSonali Joshi Acted as – Chief Minister VActed as -udhaRose Khan Acted as – MayaDeepak Soni Acted as – Dev MittalManish Khanna Acted as – Dushyant Singh Chaubey, Maya’s uncleBhupendra Khuranna Acted as – Mr. Choubey, Maya’s father, Dushyant’s younger brotherAnuradha Sharma Acted as – Mrs. Choubey, Maya’s mother