Gallium is a metal which develops compounds through a broad range of supplies. Several of the applications of gallium compounds incorporate computer system memory chips, light emitting diodes and also lasers. Radioactive isotopes of gallium are supplied to image the humale body and locate tumors. Naturally emerging gallium consists of two isotopes. One of those isotopes is ^71Ga via an isotope mass of 70 9247050 amu and also a wealth of 39.892%. What is the mass number of the other isotope?

We will certainly require the atomic mass of Ga, which is 69.723 amu; the atomic mass of Ga-71 is 70.9247050 amu and the natural abundance is 39.982%.

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Convert the organic abundance to a decimal by dividing by 100; the value is 39.982/100 = 0.39982.

Question & Answer: Gallium is a metal which develops compounds through a vast variety of offers. A few of the…..

The natural abundance of the second isotope of Ga is (1 – 0.39982) = 0.60018.

Let the atomic mass of the second isotope be x amu.


70.9247050*0.39982 + x*0.60018 = 67.723

The isotopic mass of the second isotope of Ga is 65.590130 amu (ans).



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