I was watching a present on TV (I escaped my killer) and Lisa Noland also is dropped off after being raped a number of times by her attacker and to her surpclimb he does not kill her, drops her off at her area. Then Lisa says:

I just started running. Every time a car went by, I hit the road. I said "He"s coming ago, he"s coming earlier for me and I just retained running."

Hit the road as far as the dictionaries go implies favor "to gain on the means, to start a journey etc"

Why is she gaining ago on the road where she should acquire off the road, hide or something?

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asked Jul 4 "15 at 20:53

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Hit the road does not just suppose to leave, nor does it necessarily expect you are actually on a road. The beginning of the term is from horses hitting the road with their hooves. And technically, simply walking would be "hitting the road" since you"d be stamping your feet against it. The same for a auto through it"s tire.

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The underlying interpretation though is to be relocating fast. To acquire out. It can be an offensive means to tell someone to simply .... well, leave.

Nowadays, the idiom does not carry as much offense to it as it offered to, and even more often than not, world procase that they themselves are acquiring all set to hit the road, contradicting it"s use as an offensive idiom.

It was great seeing you Aunt Martha yet I need to hit the road currently.

So you"re mistaken once you think that she is off the road. The conmessage means that as soon as she heard a auto, she hit the ground running, she relocated fast.

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answered Jul 19 "15 at 6:46

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hit the road (definition in context)

"... hit the road" might additionally have the meaning to LEAVE, in which case:

I just began running. Eexceptionally time a auto went by, I hit the road. I said "He"s coming ago, he"s coming back for me and also I just maintained running."hitting the road, in context, means: LEAVE.

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answered Jul 18 "15 at 21:09

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