Reasons I am a feminist is practically the very same as your reasons to not be. But. If we speak right here and instead of acting like feminism is something negative. Can we not carry these inquiries of RAPE up, both from guys and also womales. Can"t we bring up the concerns about MENTAL ILNESS for both men and also woguys. ABUSE for males and women. I don"t care what you are calling yourself, as long as you are doing something about these problems. Not placing all energy on which label you prefer in your fight to eqality



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Posted July 25, 2015


Posted July 25, 2015

Girl destroys feminism in 3 minutes


Great video bro. Thanks for uploading.

Feminism has actually no place in Sikhism, neither does Taliban way of thinking.

Bhul chuk maaf

Waheguru jee kaa Khalsa

Waheguru jee kee Fateh

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Posted July 29, 2015


Root Admin
Posted July 29, 2015

Feminist gone crazy -

Three Kitchener, Ont., sisters are planning to file a formal complaint after they say they were stopped by a police officer for cycling topmuch less.

Tameera, Nadia and Alysha Mohamed took off their shirts while riding their bikes in downtown Kitchener on Friday evening bereason of the heat. They say they received mainly positive reaction, until a police officer quit them on Shanley Street.



Tameera Mohamed and also her sisters say they were stopped by a Waterloo Regional police officer for cycling downtvery own while topmuch less. (Submitted by: Tameera Mohamed)


"He shelp, "Ladies, you must put on some shirts,"" said Tameera Mohamed. "We shelp, "No we don"t ... it"s our legal ideal in Ontario to be topmuch less as woguys.""

The officer said there had been complaints, according to Mohamed. She said the officer started backtracking when her sister, Alysha, started recording with her smartphone. The officer then denied having pulled them over for riding topmuch less, prior to letting them continue their ride, Mohamed sassist.

"We went on our method and went right to the police terminal to report it," she said.

Waterloo regional police acknowledge tbelow was an incident entailing three topless female cyclists and also a police officer, yet would certainly not talk about the event in information.

"We"re doing an internal testimonial on the instance," shelp Staff Sgt. Michael Haffner. "It is a current regulation that if a female chooses to go topless, that is their ideal."

The sisters say they plan to file a formal complaint with the Office of the Independent Police Rewatch Director, which oversees public complaints against municipal and also neighborhood police services in Ontario and also the Ontario Provincial Police.

"When men take off their tops in public, it"s plainly because it"s a hot day and plainly it"s for their comfort. Womales must be offered the same freedom," shelp Nadia Mohamed. "Even though legally we have actually that best, socially we clearly do not."

The women are holding a rally in uptown Waterloo on Saturday to assistance the desexualizing of women"s bodies. Shirts will certainly be optional.

In July 1991, College of Guelph student Gwen Jacob was charged after removing her height on a hot summer day. That act started a movement, eventually offering all womales in Ontario the legal right to reveal their breasts.

It"s been even more than two decades given that Gwen Jacob walked topmuch less down a street in Guelph, Ont., and also was charged with committing an indecent act. That sparked a court battle that inevitably vindicated her, and the courts ruled it was legal for woguys to go topmuch less in Ontario.

Just because it"s legal to go without tops, but, doesn"t expect it"s culturally any kind of easier for womales to perform it currently than it was for Jacob in 1991. 

"We have actually a pervasive society of woguys being harassed on roadways all the moment," said Aimee Morrichild, associate English professor at the College of Waterloo and constant commenter on women"s concerns.

Morriboy states many kind of womales still fear being harassed, so opt to remain covered. "We incredibly a lot have a culture of policing what girls and also womales deserve to and cannot do through their bodies in public spaces, in order to be understood blameless or as necessary feminine," she sassist.

On Friday, three sisters in Kitchener, Ont., went for a topmuch less bike ride and also say they were quit by a police officer who asked them to put their shirts ago on.

Waterloo Regional Police acexpertise tbelow was an occurrence entailing three topless female cyclists and a police officer, but they wouldn"t talk about the event in detail. The sisters, Tameera, Nadia and Alysha Mohamed, sassist they will file a formal complaint through the Office of the Independent Police Rewatch Director over the event. 

It"s simply the latest incident involving womales and girls not wearing tops that has actually sparked outrage. In June, an eight-year-old girl was asked to cover up her bare chest at a swimming pool in Guelph. After her parents complained that the city"s swimming attire plan was sexist and also old-fashioned, the City of Guelph sassist it would evaluation the plan.

"The regulation is a small bit more progressive in its understanding of what is and is not indecent in between men"s abilities to go topmuch less and also women"s abilities to go topmuch less," said Aimee Morrichild, 

"But culturally, there is not a norm in Waterloo Region, or in Canada or North America primarily where we are offered to seeing woguys perform this," she sassist.

The 3 sisters arrangement to organize a rally in Waterloo on Saturday to assistance the desexualization of women"s bodies "via civilization wearing as a lot or as little bit on their torsos" as they could be comfortable via, Tameera Mohamed told CBC.

Pervasive culture of harassment

An informal poll of women in downtvery own Kitchener revealed what you might intend — women are not keen to adopt toplessness. 

"For the many part, I think most of the guys out tbelow are respectful, however there"s the odd few that might not be so respectful," sassist Chantal Chartrand. "So that would issue me for certain."

It"s a safety issue for her and also her two adult daughters in their 20s, she added. 

"I just wouldn"t feel comfortable doing it," shelp Mbody organ Scoyne, who shelp it didn"t make a distinction whether it was on a city street or at the beach. 

That"s no surprise to Morrichild, who claims women constantly deal with comments on their appearance.

"In rape culture, there"s this pervasive idea that women are easily accessible always for male attention, and if that male attention becomes really undesirable, that someexactly how the woman has provoked it," shelp Morrikid. 

"I think womales are understandably quite wary that if they get any kind of kind of negative, ogling, leering attention for showing up in public without a shirt on, world will certainly say, "Well of course, you were asking for it." Boobs, obviously, right? You did that to yourself," she said.

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"Rather than be blamed for receiving attention they do not want to get, they try to manage the situations of their appearance in public so that that will not take place."

Double standard?

Morrison likewise sees a attach between the way human being react to women"s breasts and also they way they react to the present trend of women thriving and also dyeing their armpit hair. 

"When you carry out those kind of man-on-the-street interviews, the amount of revulsion and also horror that world are expressing at the concept that women might have body hair that other people don"t want to look at it, you never before hear  about men," she shelp.