Spoken English has many little bit expressions that are used generally by native speakers – and also some of these expressions are so comparable that you could accidentally mix them up. Two such expressions are peace of mind and a piece of one’s mind – they sound almost the very same, yet they are in fact extremely different!

Today you’ll learn what each expression implies and exactly how to usage it. You can learn hundreds even more expressions inside my Everyday English Speaking Courses.

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Peace of mind explains being calm, without issues, having a feeling of tranquility and also defense. We frequently talk around having actually tranquility of mind or points that offer us peace of mind:

I’d rather make much less money and also have actually tranquility of mind than have actually a high-earning, high-anxiety task.Our house security device provides us tranquility of mind because we recognize our home is protected.

Try to make your very own instance sentence – What’s one point that offers you peace of mind? I’ll point out my instance – I have a really good babysitter for my daughter, so I have tranquility of mind once I’m amethod from residence, bereason I recognize my daughter is being cared for well by the babysitter.

tranquility of mind = calmness, tranquility, totally free from worries


The expression offer someone a piece of your mind indicates to express your honest feelings, as soon as those feelings are angry, criticizing, or negative in some way. When you provide someone a item of your mind, you don’t make your criticism more polite or diplomatic; rather, you expush your negative feelings in solid and also direct words. Here are some examples:

After my employee was late to occupational for the 3rd time this week, I gave him a item of my mind(For instance, I said somepoint choose “Lateness is totally unacceptable. If you’re late another time, you will be fired.”)My roommate always offers me a piece of her mind whenever before I leave a mess in the kitchen.(For example, she claims somepoint choose “Why don’t you ever before clean up? You’re such a slob!”)

Now put it into exercise – think of a time when you gave someone a piece of your mind, or once someone provided you a item of their mind.

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I’ve obtained an example. I had a trip booked for the afternoon, but freshly the airline changed the schedule and currently the flight leaves at 5:30 AM. I referred to as the airline and also offered them a item of my mind – I expressed how upset and disappointed I am around the schedule change and the exceptionally inconvenient new time.