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- Our spotters say you gained two with that blast.

- Is that him? Is that him? -Yes, sir. -Give me that.

- You listen to me, mister. I do not recognize who in the hell you think you are or what you"re doing, yet you just damaged a building!

- Now, we carry out not want your assist. Is that clear? We don"t want your assist.

- I"ve acquired 100 people dvery own below, and also they"re extended through glass.

- Glass? Who gives a shit around glass?

- Who the fuck is this?

- This is Deputy Chief of Police Dwayne T. Robinson and also I am in charge of this instance.

- Oh, you"re in charge?

- Well, I gained some poor news for you, Dwayne.

- From up here it does not look like you"re in charge of jack shit.


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