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Plus Size Adult Glinda the Good Witch Deluxe Costume100% polyester satin & organdy fabrics; 100% polyurethane foamDress fas10s w/ Hook and Loop fastener at facility backSatin dress has actually organdy yoke, sleeves & skirt overlay; organdy is sprinkled w/ silver glitter starsDress has actually a high neck & silver heart & butterfly appliques on bodice Puffy leg-o"-mutton sleeves cinch at mid-arm w/ elastic band also Pink plastic crown has actually 3-D embossed silver stars; fas10s w/ Hook and also Loop fastener at backAlso accessible in conventional sizeOfficially Licensed
2XChest48" - 52"122cm - 132cm
2XWaist42" - 44"107cm - 112cm
2XDress Length62"157cm
3XChest56" - 58"142cm - 147cm
3XWaist50" - 52"127cm - 132cm
3XDress Length63"160cm


Sometimes it feels like you just ever hear about the negative witches. It feels worth reminding civilization that witches can be great too! Just look at Glinda. She is good and also sort, and also whatever you"d want to have in a friendly neighborhood witch, unlike the Wicked Witch of the West.

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When we photo Glinda, We photo her baking magic cookies that fly themselves to all of her next-door neighbors.She most likely supplies magic to clean everyone"s gutters, and around Christmas, we bet that Glinda gives the absolute best presents, choose self-cleaning dishes, or a vacuum that runs on its own. And just imagine the parties she could throw! When Glinda has a get-together, we imagine it is quite the spectacle, complete of magic and also mystery. Yeah, Witches can obtain a negative rep, but we would certainly absolutely desire to be friends via a witch prefer Glinda DETAILS

Our Glinda the Good Witch costume does a perfect job of embodying what an excellent witch would look favor. The soft pink satin dress has puffy sleeves and a puffy skirt, offering this dress an nearly whimsical, storybook feel. On your head, you"ll find a pink plastic crvery own, embossed with 3-D stars. From the bows to the light mesh sleeves, whatever around this costume feels great and also sort, and also it is exactly what you would certainly mean an excellent witch to wear.


If you were Glinda, how would you use your magic? This is something to think around while you wait for your costume to come! That method, when your costume comes and also you put it on, you will understand precisely what sort of witch you want to be. Just make certain that you save your eyes peeled for the Wicked Witch of the West, she"s not excellent favor you!

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