When 27-year-old Latrell James Boyd was approached by a friend to document a music demo for Cheerios, he looked at the song’s lyrics initially, composed by 72andSunny – the brand’s creative firm partner.

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“That was really the turning suggest for me, when I acquired to check out the lyrics. They’re somepoint civilization deserve to relate to,” says Boyd. “I’ve got 5 siblings and also I’ve seen them all sit at the table and eat Cheerios. So, the song has actually points I might check out and affix via.”

We can’t gain the outcome of Boyd’s work, the “Good Goes Round” anthem, out of our heads.

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In April, 72andSunny reached out to Brew Housage Music that contacted 30 or so artists. Boyd was among them, linked via Gratitude Sound in Boston.

He submitted for consideration a demo featuring just his voice and also a piano.

“From when we initially heard his demo, he just sort of jumped out of the speakers at us,” states Matthew Carey, imaginative director at 72andSunny. “He was pouring himself into it and that’s why it turned out the way it did, bereason he was approaching it from an authentic and also real location. We were calling him ‘a walking Cheerio’ throughout this task because of all his positive energy.”


His distinctive take on the lyrics, with a catchy melody, made it simple for the Cheerios team to love what they heard and also select him for the job.

“It felt really best the first time we heard Latrell,” states Susanne Prucha, business unit director for Cereal at General Mills. “The way he taken the message behind “Good Goes Round” was so real and authentic. His voice and also style are an excellent fit to help us display exactly how the basic act of beginning your day with Cheerios can be the spark for spanalysis excellent throughout your day.”

“People connect to the emovement of a voice and also that’s what I try to perform,” Boyd says. “That’s my complete focus on whatever, taking words and adding meaning to them.”

Boyd collaborated through 72andSunny and Brew House Music to produce the final version of the song. They made it at The Record Co., a non-profit recording studio in Boston provided by many kind of of the city’s up-and-coming music performers and also producers.

“Latrell was a standout from the get-go,” claims Tim Lincoln, imaginative director and co-owner of Brew House Music. “Most of the framework of the last version of the song came out of his initial demo.”

While refining and also recording the song, Boyd additionally watched several video scenes that 72andSunny swarm that would certainly ultimately be paired with the music, so the reality of the scope of the “Good Goes Round” campaign sunk in.

“Absolutely remarkable,” states Boyd. “I think it made me also more excited to be associated with it just bereason of the unity displayed in that item, through every walk of life represented in it. My mother cried once she observed the video.”


Latrell James Boyd documents the “Good Goes Round” anthem at The Record Co. in Boston, while the video for the campaign plays on a monitor surrounding.

Boyd told us that having actually Cheerios pick him to record the song has offered him confidence for the following stage of his music career.

“I think every artist has actually self-doubt about what they execute. This just gave me the assurance that I should proceed doing what I’m doing,” he claims.


The team behind the “Good Goes Round” anthem. (Left to right) Kerli Teo (72andSunny), Bryan Hinkley (Gratitude Sound), Tim Lincoln (Brew House Music), Tim Grover (72andSunny), and Matthew Carey (72andSunny).

And probably Boyd was expected to be associated to Cheerios for the brand’s “Good Goes Round” project.

Maybe it was years in the making.

“I just remember doing Cheerios jobs for institution, back in kindergarten. Like wbelow you attract a confront on paper and also glue the Cheerios on it,” he claims. “This is cool to come full circle, a bunch of years later on.”

Media: Download the “Good Goes Round” anthem on our SoundCloud page.

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