Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of Gossip Girl Reboot Episode 11 “You Can’t Take It With Jules.” Obie’s sister involves town through news of an engagement, however, what are the true intentions of the martial arrangement? Zoya finds a voice in a new frifinish. Audrey and also Aki look for the thing that’s missing in their partnership. Julien is forced to leave NYC. Here’s what you missed!

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Watch Gossip Girl Reboot Episode 11 “You Can’t Take It With Jules”

Previously on Gossip Girl Reboot Episode 10, cancel culture entered full effect on Julien as they canceled the influencer at the rumor of Gossip Girl claiming she hindered, not helped Me Too survivors. Zoya and also her friends tried to help and also shield Julien from the aftermath by throwing a charitable party for survivors. Though a botched party hype led to it to be a disaster. Julien had actually relocated in with Nick and Zoya yet returned residence to learn Davis had dumped Lola and fled tvery own. The mess of things puburned Julien to delete her Instagram account!

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Warning… Spoilers below!

On Gossip Girl Reboot Episode 11, Obie’s sister, Heidi came right into town for the holidays and he was shocked to learn that she was engaged. At school, Max found out and remained in full disidea too and also smust destroy her wedding. See, Heidi out maxes Max at being a whore, was perceived as incapable of being in love, and also he necessary to set his previous fling straight. Max was finally over Audrey and also Aki and also now had actually a newuncovered sexual objective.

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Saving The Wagners

Obie joined Heidi and her brand-new fiance Klaus Wagner for dinner. Max cramelted and was blunt around he and also Heidi offered to fuck. Klaus was a champ about it. During the party crash, we learned Klaus wasn’t in a rush to gain married and still required to acquire to understand Heidi.

Max eavesdropped Heidi’s phone call and learned she remained in the midst of brokering a deal for her household to buy the Wagner family members of hotels. The deal would certainly only advantage Klaus as he can save his family’s organization and put Heidi on marital host indefinitely…

Little Z’s New Friend

Zoya had actually research hall as a repercussion from her latest academic dip. While there, she met an interesting girl, Shan Barnes, that appeared to gain desire she wanted from the instructor by being a manipulative deviant.

Shan demanded and also intentionally ate the instructor’s candy bar that consisted of walnuts and she was allergic. After Zoya jabbed her via her EpiPen to stop epileptic shock, Shan provided this fiasco as an excusage to get her and Little Z out of examine hall. Shan peer pressured her to skip school. Nick dubbed Zoya while she was out via her new frifinish yet she decided to lie and also say she was with Julien…

Aki & Audrey

Aki and also Audrey smust rearea Max. They tried an application and also found one random guy they had a threesome via however they were not satisfied. They then asked Jamichild from the coffee shop who Audrey dated. Aki watched as he ate Audrey out. Afterward, they figured they still weren’t satisfied and needed to talk to someone around it.

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They sought an digital shrink that informed them they might be lacking some thing in their relationship…


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