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Jenny heads to the Waldorfs, Rufus and Dan gets Jenny's publications, Rufus is accused By Holland also of resting via her & in the end
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Bass gives ultimatum to satisfy at Realm State structure, and also throughout the remainder of the scenes of that episode.

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Soundtrack Album

We currently have actually no document of an official soundtrack album released for this seaboy. Submit album.

What is the song playing while Serena sits in the lobby looking forlorn and also Dan comes dvery own to uncover her?

S3 · E20 · It's a Dad, Dad,...

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What's the critical that playing once chuck walks in and also lily and serena see's him?... more
S3 · E18 · The Unblairable...what song is playing once nate goes into blair’s room to ask her about chuck? sounds favor classic more
S3 · E3 · The Lost Boywhat is the name song of the song once blair is giving the photo to chuck more


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