"via a gat that I cock through a complete clip."-Wonderland, Caravan Palace.
"What"s my company to you, eh?"The guy lulled in a monotonous tone. What a literal drag, having been dressed in sufficient latex to make a sadist envy and also smoking cigarettes what was drugs. He exhaled smoke and looked dully, seemingly without purpose, to the smoke. He ignored the current authority in the room."Perhaps consumption of illegal drugs if that"ll keep you in examine." He rolled his eyes and also muttered a "bah" and flapped a hand."Been cleared of that. Alprepared silenced the ones coming in for it.""So you have been receiving the current messages? Been listening?"He shrugged in response and stupassed away the arm which was currently scarred with a diamond tatas well which flared with a red sheen under the deep crimboy lights.""Sposed well not. Virgil Son Nacht, you"re currently under arrest for residential abusage of one who wishes to remain anonymous. Anything you say deserve to and will be provided versus you."Virgil, King of Diamonds, turned his head completely in the direction of the authority for the first time, displaying a scar heading from beneath his tousled red hair to his jaw line. He was no much longer concentrated on the curling drug laced smoke, rather remembering sharply of this crime. Ha. What a joke. "Then use this, copper," he provided a small snarl laced with his voice. "that whore had it coming for her." The flickering red lights highlighted his unnaturally amber colored eyes even more so, giving the impact of a blood red color instead."Argent, remove this one, will certainly you? I"ve just remembered an important date that I"m well late for..." The King of Diamonds trailed off, stood up daintily and also walked off without so a lot as a sassy revolve. In came a huge owl anthropomorph. Its talons were spanned by steel claws._________Virgil Son Nacht, or "King of Diamonds", is one of the 4 gang leaders that I"ve progressively been including to Cyden. While Queen of Hearts and also King of Spades are the lesser deals, King of Diamonds is a nasty topic.Only whispered rumors of a sour connection surely circulate in between him and also the supposed Queen of Clubs. Had he really flown off the hook, in a drug induced rage, to beat her? No one really knew. He typically exasserted, he was late for a really vital date, and also scuttled off for some strip club while a white shadow relocated in to have a tiny chat via the one figured out to have actually carried it up again.Jenster, Spades, has little interaction via this menace. Only being offered for a hook-approximately illegal items. It"s likewise rumored that Diamonds right here is addicted to the very drug that functions as a pain killer. Because a close to fatal accident that took his entire arm, which is currently spanned virtually always by a latex leather arm sleeve, he"d been on medication to stop the searing pain that swarm from the wounded shoulder all the method to both brain and lungs for whatever before reason. Seems the stuff had a little bit of a drug inside it, and he"d been taking it far long after the pain from the lacking limb had gone. The side impacts of a purer substance have the right to cause excessive bouts of rage, once provoked of an unpleasant memory.The arm itself has actually been modified from its original variation to a weapon. No, no blades on this one choose FMA"s Edward Elric.

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Specific pieces of Virgil"s arm are able to extfinish in the form of a bow, making use of a thin magnetic pressure to latch onto specialized arrows, and release by switching the poles substantially, forcing it to be pushed very fast and accurately. (This was motivated by a very early concept of one of my favorite game personalities, Dio Burning Canyon)