USCIS condition update New Card is Being Produced means your EAD is apshowed. Get EAD card by USPS mail in 7-10 working days. SSN card will certainly arrive in 4-5 weeks.

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New card is being created EAD - USCIS standing update
A new card is being produced USCIS standing suggests that your EADVERTISEMENT application has been apshowed and also the card has been sent out for printing.

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EAD Processing Time

You will get the brand-new EAD card (i-485 EADVERTISEMENT, F1 OPT-EADVERTISEMENT, L2 EAD, H4 EAD, or other) by mail within 5-10 working days now after the “New card is being produced” USCIS instance standing update.

You have the right to track the current processing time for EADVERTISEMENT applications.

The EAD (Employment Authorization Document) is filed utilizing USCIS form I-765.

SSN Card with EAD

The SSN repursuit is sent out to the SSN office after your EAD has been apconfirmed. It will certainly take around 4-5 weeks for the SSN card to arrive by USPS mail.

There is no biometric required for H4-EAD and SSN.

USA SSN card sample

SSN card Not Received After EADVERTISEMENT approval?

If you perform not obtain the SSN number in 6 weeks, you have the right to directly visit your neighborhood SSN office. They deserve to examine if any type of SSN application is pfinishing for you.

If no application is pending, you have the right to request a brand-new SSN number.

EAD, AP Combo Card

The i485 EADVERTISEMENT + AP (advancement parole) combo card is likewise apverified with “New card is being produced” condition.

In many kind of instances, if USCIS thinks that your Eco-friendly card have the right to be apverified previously than your EAD/AP, the may even deny your EAD application. This is normal and no should problem.

You should plan to travel external the USA just after your I131 breakthrough parole card has actually been apconfirmed.

USCIS Case History

Other status updates for EAD i765 application may look like this:

Status DateUSCIS EAD Case Status
9 AugWe mailed your new card to the address you provided us.
4 AugNew card is being created.
4 AugWe approved your Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization.
26 MayWe got your Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization.

Can I start work-related with ITIN until SSN is received?

You cannot start working utilizing ITIN. We indicate waiting to get a salary until SSN is issued to you.Your employer would certainly need to fill develop I-9 for your employment and also it requirements an SSN number.

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Do we Need to Apply for Merging ITIN with SSN?

If you are on H4, then you would certainly have actually an ITIN number. Once you obtain your Social defense number after H4 EAD, you deserve to visit a regional IRS office or create a letter explaining that you have now been assigned an SSN and also desire your taxes documents unified.You should encompass your finish name, mailing resolve, and also ITIN along with a copy of your social defense card and also a copy of the CP 565, Notice of ITIN Assignment, if easily accessible. The IRS will void the ITIN and also associate all prior tax information filed under the ITIN through the SSN. Send your letter to:Internal Revenue Service Austin, TX 73301-0057 

How lengthy it takes to acquire SSN card after EADVERTISEMENT card approval?

You can intend to receive an SSN card within 4-6 weeks after EAD approval.

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