Zoey is earlier for her semi-continuous pilgrimage to Cal U, but feels left behind in a cloud of dust. The heartbreak that the people of Cal U keeps chugging alengthy, even via her lack, is starting to wear on her emotionally. She wishes she might go back to a cryogenically frozen house and also friend life, however unfortunately, time is a fickle mianxiety.


Sky and Jazz rerotate from NCAA finals (they won!) with the news that Jazz has entered the realm of the one night stand. DUN DUN DUN. It was entirely platonic and also emotionmuch less, however tbelow is a small part of her worried around the events. While she does draw attention to the alcohol and also celebratory nature of the evening, she still knows that her relationship rules through Doug will forever weigh on her decision.

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There’s no time to panic, ‘cause it’s Junior vs. Senior Field Day! Something else Zoey deserve to be excluded from, ‘reason she’s a dropout! (The anti-dropout sarcasm is an ample supply this episode, many thanks to Sky.)

While the day is filled via fun outdoor tasks, the challenge crack of the century occurs as Doug and Jazz’s hookup boy walk up, practically intandem. You can cut the awkwardness with a butter knife. Of course, Jazz easily lies to Doug around who the mystery male really is and the consequences of her competition pilgrimage. Cringe, party of one!

Unfortunately, the lies easily come back to bite Jazz in the behind, as she returns house to uncover a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to congratulate her from…Doug. DUN DUN DUN. She breaks dvery own, easily throws on a jacket, and runs out the door. She should rectify the wrongs. As she rushes to Doug’s area to say her peace, Sky remains back. Once her sister provides a decision, she says, there’s no stopping her.

Jazz breaks down in front of Doug and reveals the totality of the hook-up, and while Doug appreciates the honesty, he reveals he hasn’t viewed anyone. He has been waiting for Jazz through bated breath and, heartbreakingly, closes the door on her. We leave her still in the throes of understandable emotional turmoil, not understanding where her partnership stands with Doug. A terrible finish to the episode.

On the other hand, Aaron is brought in by the Dean to talk about his recent proexperimentation and publicity. Tright here are two alternatives presented for the extension of the discussions. Tbelow is currently work in area to disinvest with the privatized prisons (YAY!) that will go into effect within the following five to ten years. (BOO!) The Dean comes earlier, but, through a more enticing market. They will totally wipe Aaron’s student debt in exadjust for him signing a non-disclosure agreement to soptimal discussing the issue at hand also.


Aaron is automatically thrvery own into a ethical quarry and, once debating around it on his own, runs into Zoey to ask her advice. She knows (and also we recognize, for that matter) that he would never before be able to live down the lack of having actually a voice by signing the NDA. He ponders some more and also ultimately brings it as much as Rochelle, who claims the opposite. She is firmly in the camp of “take the money and also run.” As Aaron allows it slip that he disputed the issue through Zoey initially, she grabs her stuff and leaves in a tizzy. She can’t believe that he talked to Zoey first. His reaction to her leaving is…I’m gonna say “overly muted”. We all recognize she’s leaving him soon, can’t we hurry this charade up a bit?

This Week’s C-Plot Line Sentence Rundown – Vivek hasn’t told girlfriend around being a drug dealer, then he does, then he doesn’t. Fun!Sky’s Moment of the Week – When pointing out that Jazz has actually had actually her first one night stand “Oh, not me, her. I’ve had actually plenty of them.” Queen remains queen.Ana and also Zoey both automatically ask SKy & Jazz exactly how finals went…as if they don’t have a phone? Or the news? SMH.

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