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From Bad to Worse

BY : RyleeCategory: Harry Potter > Het - Male/Female > Harry/HermioneDragon prints: 28239
Disclaimer: I carry out not own Harry Potter, nor any kind of of the characters from the publications or movies. I execute not make any kind of money from the writing of this story.

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Disclaimer: I don�t very own them. I simply prefer to, erm�play via them occasionally. :D Author�s Note: Just so you understand, yes I realize that Harry is OOC, he�s supposed to be. Hermione is a small as well, I know, yet save in mind, by the time this story starts she�s used to this partnership. Ta!******************************************************************************** Harry Potter likes to sleep naked. That was one of the many type of points that Hermione knew around him that few other human being did. He likes to sleep naked, he�s ticklish simply behind his ear, and also an excellent blow job will make his eyes roll earlier in his head in a method that�s practically scary. He snores once he�s really exhausted, or once he sleeps on his ago. He likes to sleep on the left side of the bed, but isn�t terribly picky about it and has actually been known to sleep on height of or under anyone that happens to be in the bed through him. He can actually sleep almost all over, as long as he deserve to stretch his legs out, yet his favorite position is on his stomach via one arm under his head. If he�s sleeping through someone, he likes to be the spooner, and also not the spoonee, bereason someone breapoint on his neck while he�s trying to sleep irritates him. Whether or not he wants to cuddle after sex counts on the type of sex he had actually. If it was stormy and wild, he commonly wants to be left alone while he�s coming dvery own from it. If it was soft and sweet, he�s fine via being held for a bit afterwards. And if he has no attachment whatsoever to the girl he�s simply fucked, which has taken place on even more than a couple of occasions, he many most likely won�t stick roughly long enough to come dvery own from it. If, however, he spends the night, which he periodically does, he may at any kind of time decide to wake up whoever he�s with for an additional round. And an additional round often leads to two or three even more. His individual document for one weekend is 16 times in between Friday night and also Monday morning. He walked funny for a week afterward, yet Hermione had never checked out him so peaceful. He deserve to do points through his tongue that have the right to make a girl scream, and also prides himself on that truth. He can�t acquire off from being ridden, unless he�s almost there anymeans, and he has a fascicountry through female asses that borders on obsession. Hermione might name a million things about Harry that no one else really knew. Even Ron didn�t know some of them. Many of them, Hermione had learned from experience, and she hadn�t common them through Ron bereason, well, she�d learned them from endure. Experiences that Ron didn�t know around. Experiences that she hoped Ron would certainly never recognize around. She�d had among those "experiences" last night, and also her legs ached so negative, she�d badepend been able to get out of bed. Harry hadn�t, yet, bothered to get out of bed. He watched her as she crossed the room to her dresser, towel drying her hair. "I need to go check out my mum, however you can hang out right here until I gain back if you desire. I won�t be long." "All ideal," he shelp, and she heard the bed squeak as he moved. "I simply visited the save, so there�s plenty to eat and also I saved you some hot water if you require a shower. Oh, and also you�ll need to put your clothes in the dryer, bereason I didn�t gain a opportunity to yet." "Right. Thanks." She sighed, pulling a clean pair of knickers and also a equivalent bra from the drawer. "Molly could be popping in to tell me exactly how the wedding plans are going, so make sure you�re up and dressed soon." "I�m currently up," he sassist, and she heard the grin in his voice. He had actually snuck up behind her as she spoke, and also was now pressed against her back, wrapping his arms about her. "How shortly execute you need to leave?" he whispered against her ear. She moaned, both at the contact and from the believed of having him in her aacquire. She was sore and also exhausted, and yet, she really, really wanted him aobtain. "I�m sorry, Harry, yet I really perform need to go." "Five minutes," he sassist, relocating his mouth down to her neck. "I can�t, Harry." Who did he think he was kidding? Five minutes? A "quickie" for Harry was constantly at least half an hour. Of course, he always made it worth her while to wait, too. "Come on, Hermione," he whispered, slipping his hand also right into the front of her robe. "Come ago to bed for a minute." She moaned aobtain as his fingers rubbed over her nipple. "Harry, I can�t. Please. I have to go." "You can. In a couple of minutes." He untied her robe and also backed off simply enough to pull it off her shoulders. He ran his fingers over her hips, tugging her back against him and she sighed as she felt his difficult cock press right into her ass cheeks. She bent nearly instantly, knowing him well enough to recognize what he wanted. She put her hands on the dresser top and also organized on for dear life. He laughed softly, bending via her so he might location a kiss on her spine. "Wright here perform you want it?" "Well, ungh." He slid a finger right into her and curled it, slightly, stroking her sensitive front wall. "Considering that the lube is�oh god�over there somewhere, I�m saying�ooooh, Harry." He knelt, holding onto her hips and opening her through his thumbs. His tongue slid over her and also she bucked wildly. "God, you�re wet," he muttered, taking a deep breath prior to lapping at her again. "Yeah, you---oh fuck, Harry---tfinish to perform that to me." He let out a soft moan that sent out shockwaves via her. He paused a second and also she heard the soft clink of his glasses hitting the floor prior to he started in aget. She gripped the dresser until her knuckles were white, elevating up onto her toes to provide him better accessibility. She let her eyes slide shut and her head autumn forward. He was so damned amazing. Of course, he pulled earlier as shortly as he felt her tense up, and she sighed. He couldn�t simply let her go. That would be as well damned basic. His fingers pushed into her gently and also he groaned. "Damn, Hermione." She laughed softly, turning her head so she could see him. "What�d I tell you? You carry out it to me every time." "I attempt," he shelp, wiping sweat off his forehead, his thumb came up and bruburned her clit and she bucked again. "Still too warm," he said, even more to himself than to her. He leaned in and also dropped a kiss on her bare ass. "Harry," she laughed. "I really execute have to g�OH!" He grinned. "Oops, sorry." "You little bit me!" she cried, bringing her hand around to rub the currently sore spot on her left cheek. "It was an accident." "Right. Accident my left arse cheek. Just for that, I�m leaving right�oh god. Oh God! Ungh! Five minutes, Harry. You have actually five minutes." His thumb pressed harder against her clit. "Can�t carry out it ideal in 5 minutes," he sassist, grinning as she let out of soft cry. "You can have sent me over the edge 5 minutes earlier and that would have been perfect for me." He scoffed. "Not also cshed." He relocated his thumb and also visited work with his tongue aobtain and she sighed in relief. "You are so goooood at this," she moaned. She felt him grin, but he didn�t stop his occupational. She leaned her forehead on her arm, feeling her legs start to go weak. "God, Harry," she whispered, her breath beginning to capture. He pulled his mouth back and also stood easily. She gasped at the loss of contact, but just for second. Then, he was pressing his cock versus her and she thrust backward, trying to obtain him inside her as quickly as feasible. He grasped her hips and hosted her still. "Easy tbelow," he chuckled, brushing versus her aacquire. "If I go in currently, you�re going to pop." "If you don�t go in now, I�m going to strangle you," she grunted. He laughed, wrapping an arm approximately her and also rubbing, gently this time, at her clit. "Haaarrryyyy," she moaned, her voice stormy. "God, I love it once you make that sound." "Umph." "All best, all best." He ongoing to work on her clit as he moved his various other hand also about to stroke his hardened cock. He positioned himself at her opening, then slid right into her, and also they groaned in unikid. He remained still a minute, and also she had to look up at the mirror in front of them so she can watch the look on his challenge. Rapturous. That was the only method to describe it. She loved that she might make him feel choose that. She loved putting that look on his face. She winced as she wondered if anyone else got to see him with that look. Then he was relocating, gradually, deliberately. He grunted as she tightened her walls about him, and also she smiled as she witnessed his chest tighten with a heaving breath. His eyes slid open and also he smirked at her photo in the mirror. "Tell me exactly how you desire it," he sassist, digging his fingers right into her hips. Thing number 897 that most people didn�t know around Harry. He loved to hear her talk dirty. "Quick and deep," she grinned. "Fuck me quick and deep." He knew how she wanted it. He didn�t need to ask. He knew her so well that she wondered if he wasn�t using Legilimens on her. He just asked because he chosen to hear her say it. He kept moving slowly, his grip on her now stinging slightly. "Will you scream for me?" "If you perform it best, absolutely." He grinned the a lot of evil grin he possessed. "I always perform it best." She had actually never figured out exactly how he could regulate quick and also deep without being too stormy around it, yet somehow he did. He might do fast, deep and hard also. There were times when she felt prefer being pounded and also he was spectacular about offering it to her. As sore as she was, though, she didn�t desire difficult. She wanted easy, and he provided it to her. He pushed right into her till he was entirely buried, then pulled back, almost coming all the method out. Aget. And aget. She dropped her head again, grunting in time via his thrusts. Yes, she was absolutely going to be screaming in a couple of minutes. Thank God for the silencing cdamages on the apartment or the bobbies would certainly have actually been visiting her area practically constantly. She pulled a hand also ameans from the dresser to reach between her legs and touch her clit. She didn�t have to. He would certainly have obtained her tright here wondercompletely on his very own. She just really wanted to be grinding against something at that moment. He got to one hand also down and also relocated hers amethod, replacing it through his very own. He didn�t also really have to attempt. With eincredibly thrust, she would certainly be pumelted dvery own and across his callsupplied fingers and it felt absolutely remarkable. "Harder," she moaned. "Fuck me harder." Okay, so maybe she wasn�t that sore after all. He started thrusting via more force, not as difficult as she kbrand-new he might, but tough enough. A few even more strokes and she came, growling out a scream and grinding back against him. "Harry!" she cried. "FUCK! HARRY!" Her knees provided out and also she felt his arms go around her, holding her up. "Hold on, Hermione," he shelp, lifting her weight. "Just remain up for an additional second." Incredibly, he had actually never before quit thrusting. He pushed right into her twice even more, then grunted out his very own orgasm, teeth clenched, eyes squeezed shut. Then, somejust how, he lowered them to the floor so that she was sitting on his lap, leaning back against him favor a rag doll. His head was laying forward on her shoulder, his panting breaths tickling throughout her back. She couldn�t even think about moving at the moment, and also she wondered if she�d ever before have the ability to aget. Her arms hung lindicate at her sides and she let eexceptionally little bit of her weight remainder on Harry as she tried desperately to get her breath ago. "Harry," she gasped. "Uh?" he controlled between rasping breaths. "One of these�days�you�re going to�be the�death�of me." "Fmpf." "Exactly." He let go of her, collapsing back onto the floor. She couldn�t aid yet follow. She managed to roll herself simply enough so that she was sprawled across him on her stomach. He let out a little exasperated sigh. "I recognize," she shelp, rolling her eyes. "But I honestly can�t obtain off you simply yet. You�re just going to need to live via it for a minute." He made no move to organize her, but he likewise didn�t press her off of him. She thought about that a great thing. His breapoint was beginning to slow currently, and she knew that he was already coming down. It didn�t take him long, no matter how excellent the sex was. She heaved her weight to one side, rolling off of him and onto the floor, and also he didn�t sheight her. He lifted a hand and wiped his forehead, letting out a more contented sigh. "I�m bloody starving," he said, blowing out a lengthy breath. That was her Harry. So damned romantic. "There�s food in the fridge," she muttered. "But acquire dressed before you go out there, in case Molly pops up in the fire." He laughed softly. "I still think she suspects something." "She would certainly have told Ron if she did. You know she would." "Are you still going via him to the wedding?" She nodded. "Are you still bringing what�s-her-name? Kimberly?" "Kaitlyn. And yes. You really don�t prefer her, perform you?" "She�s a snot, Harry. Who would choose her?" "Eh, she�s not so negative if you simply disregard her once she talks." Hermione rolled her eyes, turning over onto her side and also propping herself up on her elbow. "And she doesn�t mind that you ignore her?" He shrugged. "I don�t think she knows I�m doing it. Besides, she gives excellent head, and also she doesn�t care if I don�t contact her for a while." She shook her head. "What a winner." "Oh well. They can�t all be, can they?" She watched him for a minute, wondering if it was safe to lay her head on his shoulder yet. He appeared to be relaxed enough, so she scooted closer, curling her body against his. He slid his arm around her shoulder and also played idly through her hair. "I still can�t believe Ginny�s getting married." Harry laughed softly. "I deserve to. I�m actually amazed that she waited this long for it. I understand she constantly taught that she didn�t require a male to be happy, however I can�t count the number of times she tried to talk me into it once we were together." "I�m glad she invited you to the wedding, though." "Due to the fact that Molly made her, I�m certain. Don�t count on any touching reunion scenes, bereason it isn�t going to occur." "You�ll attempt, though, won�t you?" He snorted. "I�m not going to treat her like shit on her wedding day, if that�s what you�re asking." "I didn�t say that, Harry." "I know," he said, chuckling. "I�ll be nice. I swear." "Thank you." "What�s say we go ago to bed for a while." "I can�t. I�m already late to satisfy Mum." "Call and also tell her that you�re not feeling well. Then you can remain in bed all day and I�ll take treatment of you." She groaned. "Please, God, Harry. Tell me that you�re not already thinking around sex again." "Well, I�m actually thinking of a sandwich initially, yet a shag is second on the list." "How the hell have the right to you still be horny?" she shelp, leaning her head back to look at him. "Why wouldn�t I be? We just did it when." "This morning, yeah. We did it twice last night, too. And once yesterday afternoon. So that�s 4 times in 24 hrs." "Wanna� make it five?" he grinned, waggling his eyebrows. "Go call Kaitlyn currently," she moaned, rolling away from him. "I�m out of business for the day." He sighed, grabbing her hand. "Hold on. Come here." She rolled earlier to challenge him and he put a hand also on the back of her head. "Can I at leastern have actually a kiss?" She lowered her head and also captured his mouth in a deep kiss. He ran his tongue across her lips, tangling his hands in her hair. There was constantly something so needy in the means he kissed. It wasn�t tright here as soon as they were doing anypoint else, but once he kissed her, he clung to her as though he would certainly suffocate if she quit. And he might kiss for hours on finish without ever before going any type of even more, if she let him. She let him slide his tongue past her lips and also he moaned against her mouth. That sound was almost sufficient to make her rethink the "out of business" thing, yet when she relocated to gain closer to him, her lower body screamed in protest. She pulled earlier, sighing. "I really perform must go," she whispered, and he grudgingly let go of her. "Tell you what," she sassist, giving him one more quick peck. "Stick around until I acquire home, I�ll cook a nice dinner, we deserve to watch some TV, and also I�ll take some of that potion you bought for me." He grinned, quirking an eyebrow at her. "Sounds excellent." She climbed to her feet, moaning at the pain. "The fatality of me." "Sorry," he sassist, not sounding the least little bit sorry. "Yeah, yeah," she muttered, stepping gingerly right into a pair of clean knickers. "Go take a shower. You�re starting to smell." He laughed. "I just had a shower last night. How deserve to I stink already?" "All the physical exertion, I�m sure." She fastened her bra, then pulled a straightforward summer dress out of her closet and also slipped it over her head. "Have you watched my sandals?" He glanced over from wbelow he was laying and also nodded toward the bed. "They�re under there." "You know, you must probably think about acquiring off the floor." "All right." She rolled her eyes, pulling her shoes out from under the bed and sliding her feet right into them. "I�ll be earlier soon." "Have fun." He was still laying on the floor once she left.