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- Dear tiny infant Jesus, we...

- Hey, you know, sweetie, Jesus did grow up. You do not constantly need to contact him baby. It"s odd and also off-placing to pray to a baby.

- Well, I favor the Christmas Jesus ideal and also I"m saying grace. When you say grace, say it to grownup Jesus, teenage Jesus, bearded Jesus, whoever you desire.

- You understand what I want? I desire you to carry out this grace good, so that God will let us win tomorrow.

- Dear tiny Jesus, in your golden-fleece diapers, via your tiny, bit, fat, balled-up fists...

- He was a male. He had actually a beard.

- Look, I prefer the baby version the best, carry out you hear me?

- I win the races and I gain the money.

- Ricky, end up the damn grace.

- I choose to picture Jesus in a tuxeperform T-shirt bereason it states, favor, I wanna be formal, however I"m right here to party also. Due to the fact that I prefer to party, so I favor my Jesus to party.

- I prefer to image Jesus as a ninja fighting off evil samurai.


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Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby Sound Clip


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Actors: Will Ferrell (Ricky Bobby), John C. Reilly (Cal Naughton Jr.), Sacha Baron Cohen (Jean Girard), Michael Clarke Duncan (Lucius Washington), Leslie Bibb (Carley Bobby)

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