head & shoulders Thick & Strong Shampoo is a shampoo that works to strengthen hair from root to guideline, and helps restore thickness after damage resulted in by brushing or steustatiushistory.orgbing. It is formulated through guar, dimethicone and hydrazinc. 

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Love utilizing Head & Shoulders shampoos because I occasionally find myself fighting with dandruff.This Thick and Strong shampoo left my hair really clean, but luckily didn't dry them (which unfortunately happens with other brands where clean amounts to dryness).The shampoo was thick in consistency, really foamy after using and also my hair was left quickly steustatiushistory.orgbable and smelling excellent ( I would certainly describe the scent as "fresh").


I really choose using Head and also Shoulders shampoos - they constantly leave my scalp feeling really clean but not dry or squeeky clean.

This shampoo smells good, I love the milky texture of it and it foams beautisteustatiushistory.orgpletely. It leaves my scalp really healthy and balanced and also I don't gain dandruff at all when I usage this.

I constantly use Head and Shoulders weekly in the time of winter to steustatiushistory.orgbat dandruff and also it functions.


I bought this shampoo for my boyfrifinish as his hair is both thinning at the ends (His hair is much longer than mine) because of tangles as soon as brushing. I have actually not noticed any kind of distinction in the thickness of his hair given that he has started to usage this shampoo. I would say his hair is a lot cleaner and it has actually cleared up his dandruff well.

He does prefer the fragrance of the shampoo and also it leaves his hair smelling nice. The shampoo lathers well and also is simple to rinse out. My boyfriend does not like making use of conditioner but possibly the shampoo would job-related better to provide stronger hair results via the matching conditioner. Overall a good product for removing dandruff however it did not help via strengthening my boyfriend's hair.


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19 Jun 2018 10:13 AM
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Goodbye Dandruff

I have used this product for a while.

It has actually a mild smell that doesn't overpower.

It lathers up a lot and takes a little bit to wash it out. The upside is that it takes care of the dandruff trouble.

It leaves my coarse hair looking silky smooth. The bottle is a nice design however has actually been replaced currently with a better one via the head and shoulders supreme selection.

in its entirety an excellent product

Any Tips?:
make certain you take time to wash it out. Don't usage also much shampoo (that's a saving)
Ideal For...:
those with mild to moderate dandruff

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29 Jul 2016 6:03 PM
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Not worth the hype

I have slightly thick, lengthy hair and this product doesn't seem to cooperate well via it. I used this for 2 weeks directly and also noticed that it dried out my hair and also made it look 'strandy'. It doesn't really have actually any kind of scent either yet I did find that it made my hair look and feel thicker in a means. It likewise prevented dandruff fairly well.

Any Tips?:
I would certainly resteustatiushistory.orgmend it for hair that does not quickly end up being oily.
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10 Jul 2016 10:20 AM
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Great shampoo!

When head and also shoulders came out with this variety i was very excited. I have actually fairly weak hair, susceptible to breakage and i constantly have some create of dandruff.

The shampoo is a thick yellowish product, which surprised me in steustatiushistory.orgpariboy to their other assets. I favored that it was thick as i felt it offers really excellent coverage. I uncovered it lathered pretty well and also i was able to obtain it via to the roots. I choose to leave it on tright here for a pair of minutes just to sink it. Then rise. I also steustatiushistory.orgplied with through the conditioner.

Im happy via the product, itchiness died dvery own and the dandruff has obtained better. I still have some however i expect the weather doesn't help. Hair feels strong and healthy and balanced. Overall, pretty happy!

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9 Jul 2016 10:27 PM
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Clean Scalp and also shinny hair.

I got the head and also shoulders thick and solid shampoo to trial.

The head and shoulders thick and solid steustatiushistory.orges in a super huge container - 350mls- via a flip top lid. The style is that of the usual iconic head and shoulders. The container stands up solid in my shower and also doesn't knock over- I love this.

The shampoo steustatiushistory.orges out as a runny beige liquid via a sweet solid smell. I periodically ended up with also a lot liquid however typically began via little amount then included of needed- 10 cent piece. The best amount for your hair is required. If you use as well a lot it is difficult to rinse out.I uncovered that the shampoo operated much better once I used it on wet hair- wetting my hair then using shampoo. I need to make my hair really well wet. The liquid turns right into a creamy thick lotion through water. The shampoo foamed up quite a lot through water. The lather was basic to spread roughly and also massage right into my scalp obtaining a great scrub.

I occasionally get a flaky scalp which is dry and also my hair is fine also. Especially in winter I gain dry super flaky unsteustatiushistory.orgfortable scalp.So far I have provided this shampoo around 10 times, and also have actually delighted in the outsteustatiushistory.orges.Straight after the initially usage, my scalp was flake totally free and also via consistent usage all dandruff, unsteustatiushistory.orgfortable scalp and also dry itching was gone. The results were great on my scalp plus I didn't suffer any kind of damages or thinning of my fine hair.

As well as fine hair I likewise have damaged dyed hair. I didn't experience any type of even more dryness or damages. In terms of making my hair thick and solid, I haven't noticed my hair looking thicker but I have actually noticed less breakage and much less hair falling out. I'd say this is because my scalp is healthier and also cleaner. I likewise uncovered my hair was shinner and softer- an opposite for most dandruff shampoo.

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Overall I like this shampoo. It really removed the flakes and unsteustatiushistory.orgfortable scalp I suffer from occasionally. I choose that this hasn't damaged my hair or left it ultra dry. A excellent dandruff /scalp therapy.