Edit 2, Leak Update:I have actually posted a few clarifications on just how I showed this source, and a statement from them:https://www.reddit.com/r/saltierthancrait/comments/ejqft5/some_clarifications_about_my_tros_post_and_a/Initial Post:Since shortly after release weekfinish, I’ve been equivalent with someone that worked very closely on the manufacturing of TROS and works for among the major service providers I cannot disclose below. I have verified…


Edit 2, Leak Replace:

I basically have actually posted just a few clarifications on exactly how I showed this source, as successfully as an announcement from them:


Customary Placed up:

Because at this time after originate weekfinish, I’ve been equivalent through any kind of individual who functioned very closely on the production of TROS and also functions for among many kind of most essential carriers I will’t expose appropriate right here. I basically have showed the resource to my satisfaction. To guard the source, I am rewording what we spoke around over the closing 2 weeks and also am submitting it to you in bullet point format I basically have actually written basically basically based on what they told me. The TLDR is that they were upcollection via the last made out of TROS and wimelted to allotment their perspective on exactly how it went dvery own and the effect it went imethical.

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The leakers for TROS had an agenda and also are tied to Disney straight. My resource confessed that they’ve an agenda as successfully in that they fight via ignoring what’s been going dvery own to any type of individual that they deem doesn’t deserve it.

JJ repeatedly treated everyone on and also offset with respect so my source’s agenda is that what Disney has actually percreated to JJ and the tool remarkable they screwed him over desires to be one point of us are on the leastern attentive to, whether or no longer you devour him as a filmmaker or no much longer.

Disney was once one of many studios who were in that Execrable Robot bidding battle cshedding year. Disney by no formulation had significant ardour in BR as an organization however they did in JJ because they noticed WB (that JJ went with within the pause) as a far-ranging risk.

JJ is terribly effective at bringing franchises earlier devour Mission No much longer doable, Huge certain perboy Chase and also Huge particular person Wars. WB is combating DC and also via the exception of Wonder Lady, DC is created taken into consideration as a small little of a shaggy dog epic in its existing renote by the GA.

WB desires Abrams for some DC jobs. My resource stated that this generation’s Monumental particular perboy Wars is the MCU, and Surprise’s wonderful risk is a properly operational DC. They need to help DC within the limbo that they’re in gorgeous currently. Abrams jumpfounding that franchise through one point devour a successful, viewers-gorgeous Supermale film makes them nervous. Their purpose is to acquire JJ eye hideous to doable investors/shareholders.

My resource talked around this at this time after the premiere: “The TROS we noticed cshedding night was when no much longer the TROS we idea we functioned on”.

JJ was as soon as devadeclared and also blindsided by this. He’s been feeling down over the closing 6 months as a result of simply among the ridiculous requires Disney had that adjusted his film’s epic. Whereas the scenes were shot, many kind of of the adjustments were made in post-manufacturing and the audio was once rerecorded and changed. My resource declared they’ve by no formulation considered the relaxation devour this happen previously than. He’s the director and also he wasn’t within the know around what they were doing slow his earlier.

Curiously, JJ felt intimidated over the month major as much as the premiere.

Rian was once by no formulation expected to preserve out IX regardless of some rumors that he was as soon as.

JJ was as soon as brought back by Iger, no much longer KK. Disney insisted on additional fan carrier, much less conflict.

JJs fashioned agreement once he signed on was once indicating he would certainly have development extra ingenious readjust than he did on TFA. It thrived to transform into apparent this wasn’t the case totally simply a few weeks into shooting once the initiative via meddling began.

JJ wimelted to preserve out some scenes he belief were vital but Disney shut it down citing budgetary reasons.

Would probably perpossibility better just 2019: JJ suggested that these scenes were necessary. He had actually to let toddle of 1 of the scenes. The assorted scene he insisted on was once licensed on the beginning. He did reshoots and also added photography in July. The novel scene was as soon as swarm at BR in October.

The “finishing that will certainly blow your thoughts” was as soon as an component of this. Older actors were contained devour Hayden, Ewan and also Samuel and also someone who wasn’t appealing. The capacity ghosts weren’t expected to be voices bereason they shot that photographs on electronic camera. The actors were in costumes. Rey was once alleged to be surrounded by the capacity ghosts to help as form of a obstacle between her and also the Sith surrounding them.

My resource thinks yet can’t 100% confirm that appropriate here is as a result of China. It’s an arrangement of enterprise talk of kinds. Some VFX of us asserted they obtained a list of licensed shades of blue they could exercise on the Luke power ghosts. Lowering this out was as soon as once the hideous blood ended up being right into a nightmare for JJ considering that the film he was as soon as making was once unrecognizable to him in virtually eincredibly advancement.

My source knows JJ properly enough to grab that he’s moral no longer the yelling develop but it appears in a assembly he yelled one point alongside the lines of “Why don’t you ethical assign ‘directed and composed by Lucasfilm’ then?” My resource wasn’t present for that different yet knows some that were.

Disney demanded they shoot some scenes that can have things in it for merchandise. “They fly now” is one of them. It’s also JJ’s least renowned scene. At a November screening of a 2: 37 slash back, he cringed, groaned and laughed when the scene was when on.

My resource says that JJ was when nearly definitely no longer joking once he proclaimed “you’re gorgeous” within the interwatch the impact they asked him about TROS criticism.

JJ’s fashioned early on November slash earlier was when 3 hours 2 minutes extended.

In January, JJ urged that they flip this into two movies. My source told me this efficiently earlier than Terrio talked around it in an intersee simply a couple of days ago. When Disney proclaimed no, JJ was once voice via making this 3 hrs expanded.

Over a interval of 9 months JJ started realizing that one by one his solutions and complete scenes were being thrvery own out the window or completely changed by these that have “no substitute meddling via the creatives”.

They were no longer on the similar web page as soon as it acquired right here to ingenious decisions and it thrived to transform into glaring that Disney had an agenda to boot to attempting to please shareholders. Disney might “come up with the money for messing up IX for the sake of the larger image” as soon as it acquired appropriate here to holding points unpertained to IX.

The slash back JJ at cshedding and also hesitantly agreed to in at an early stage December was as soon as 2: 37 minutes extended. It wasn’t the slash earlier we noticed which he wouldn’t have licensed of (and which is 2: 22 prolonged). Other than the capacity ghosts, tbelow were assorted essential and emotional scenes doing not have. The slash back they introduced looked “chopped and also videotaped earlier alongside via primitive scotch tape” (JJ’s words).

The film opened with Rey’s practising. Her first scene through Rose was once at this time after Rey damaged BB-8 all the device thru the practising. Rose made a silly shaggy dog epic about how Poe is going to abolish her for negative BB-8. There was when a minute the result Rey took a minute to assignment what moral occurred when she noticed that vision all the tool thru practising. She looked distressed and also timid. The following scene was as soon as noise as the Falcon was when touchdvery own and Rey runs over tbelow. Those 2 girls who kissed on the pause were visible in this swarm and also they were maintaining fingers. One of them ran in opplace to the Falcon because it landed.

Kylo on Mustamuch scene was as soon as 2 minutes much longer. There was as soon as a moment the impact Kylo provided the affect a little little dizzy and his vision was as soon as prrange as blurry for a 2d. Practically as if time half of-quit while everyone in the background was as soon as slack-mo combating. Kylo hears Vader’s respiratory, then shakes his head and time goes ago to moving at a fashioned mosey and also he jumps gorgeous back right into the fight (the scene from the trailer the impact he knocks that male down which did pause up within the film later).

They slash ago one of the the majority of most scenes from the lightrate skipping section. Just among the planets that were slash earlier were Kashyyyk, Naboo, and Kamino.

The scene the effect the tie fighters are chasing them thru the iceberg – these corridors were impressed by a video clip sport JJ archaic to play within the 90s recognized as Insurrection Assault 2 (the 3rd level within the sport through the tunnels on Endor specifically).

Jannah was as soon as evidenced to be Lando’s daughter.

Rey no much longer entirely healed Kylo’s confront sauto but she eliminated Kylo as soon as she healed Ben. Kylo ceased to exist when Rey healed him. My source talked around that some of us bewitch it was once Han Solo that healed him but that isn’t true and also that wasn’t Han Solo. That was once Leia the utilization of her possess memories as efficiently as Ben’s to fabricate a bodily manifeterminal of his possess thoughts to nudge him in opposition to what he crucial to maintain out. That was once her possess breakthrough of speaking that through him. And it wasn’t that you might presumably deem with out her fatality within the assignment. She made the last sacrifice for her kid and this flew over of us’s heads via the Disney slash ago.

The slow-moving November slash earlier (the closing slash back JJ licensed of) had actually scenes with Rose and Rey composed. JJ wimelted to give her a added coherent arc. Disney felt that that was once also dreadful too. My resource talked around that Chris Terrio proclaimed that it was when as a result of Leia scenes however best here is totally in part true bereason she had four assorted scenes including 2 via Rey/Daisy that Leia was as soon as no longer in.

Finn attempting to uncover Rey one thing was once repetitively meant to be power sensitivity. In the three hour slash ago, it’s explicitly acknowledged. There was as soon as a minute once Jannah and also he were functioning on high of that superstar destroyer and also Finn vital to unlock or deliver one thing and also he power-relocated it and acted shocked as soon as it developed. This was as soon as reinserted with a CGI’d BB-8 solving regardmuch less of he important to repair on there.

Babu Frik was once close to to slash earlier because some pros at Disney belief he will certainly be the novel Jar Jar. They’re basically shocked that of us devour him this noteworthy. He was when JJ’s conception and also was once created in participation with some artists and also puppeteers. The personality was when all JJ.

Tright here were a bunch of scenes the result Rey and Kylo (one by one) went thru gentle moments of reflection to deal with what they were going thru. On her fifty percent, her going thru the realization that there’s one point irascible around her past. Him going thru feel sorry about and remorse yet attempting to shut it out. My resource proclaimed that the Kylo scenes were specifically unheard of because of Adam’s performance and also the tool he regulated to say that inner turmoil. It offered remarkable additional conmessage and also added deeper that formulation to each and eincredibly his battle with Rey and also the final redemption arc on the pause. It did currently not take place so and it was once extra structured than what we obtained.

The Kylo/Rey scene the effect he dies was when on the leastern 4 minutes much longer with additional dialogue. Ben was when repetitively alleged to die. Source likewise added that if he wasn’t, then that have the right to merely’ve been in an previously draft which they haven’t review. The initially draft they review had Lanexecute (the initially few didn’t). The Reylo kiss and Ben’s fatality was once no much longer half of the reshoots. It was when an component of the re-editing. Even the slash back that JJ belief was when coming out earlier this month had a much longer variation of that scene than what was when prrange within the theatrical slash earlier.

JJ was once against the Reylo kiss (or Reylo veritably). This was when Disney’s attempt and also please each and also eincredibly sides of the fandom.

JJ was once no longer satisfied with the effect TLJ took the epic. The outcome is a mix of that epic and also the epic told by Disney and also whoever they tried to provoke (“undoubtedly no longer the followers”). JJ is gutted over the result. Huge particular perboy Wars formulation loads to him. He had actually to sacrifice giant chunks of the epic in TFA yet he was once promised additional ingenious readjust on TROS and also as an various the leash they had actually him on was as soon as totally tightened as time glided by. A source proclaimed that appropriate below is the one franchise and the one allotment of his work that he did currently not should mess up and also as an different it ended up being right into his worst nightmare. When he discovered that he was as soon as blindsided with the slash ago they equipped, he proclaimed “what the fuck??” as soon as Kylo was when combating the Knights of Ren on the pausage and the Williams tune that was once archaic for it was as soon as no much longer what he wished at all. He looked as if it might well truly deem it was as soon as out of setup.

JJ’s slash ago created exists and also “will certainly continuously exist”. We nearly definitely is no much longer going to ever eye it unmuch less “any kind of individual by accident leaks it.”

Okay, so there you have it. If there are concerns, I will certainly attempt to practice up via my source however it’s as much as them within the occasion that they must allotment extra so I will’t inform an resolution.

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Edit: I forgot one thing that the resource wished consisted of, concerning FinnPoe in TROS:

The resource asked about FinnPoe after seeing Oscar Isaac’s comment about how Disney did currently not favor it to be a point. Here’s true. JJ dealt with to get this take place. Here’s why Osauto is blaming Disney. It is miles no longer moral a random throwaway comment. He knows for a truth that it was as soon as Disney because these discussions occurred. The main solid is insanely close through JJ and also are moral as pissed, even supposing seemingly added outspoken around it than JJ. For the length of TFA, Disney was when hesitant to rent John Boyega bereason a girl was as soon as front and also heart so they deemed that tragic adequate so bringing in a male lead who’s dusky made them nervous. JJ combated to acquire that occur for about 9 months previously than getting approval. The exact same arena obtained best here up once JJ battled to have Finn&Poe in TROS but he shed that battle as he lost many ingenious battles for this film. Many type of folks, JJ consisted of, gained right here to the realization all the gadget thru this manufacturing that the epic basically is told by shareholders/investors as an different of the creatives or someone at Disney specifically. He tried to obtain a differ of points occur and was when shut dvery own which capacity. They’d him on a leash and a selection of blame TLJ for the stricter ingenious development.