“There’s a Hole In My Heart That Can Only Be Filled By You…” ~Extreme 1991“There’s a Hole In My Heart That Can Only Be Filled By You…” ~Extreme 1991


Meeting The Doctors

So I’m reasoning if I ever decide to make this story into a rock opera, it would certainly have to incorporate the 1990’s Extreme hit, “Hole Hearted.”

And tright here ya go. For those of you that don’t understand me personally, (or my husband) yes, I was component of the hairband also movement of the ‘80’s.

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Back at a time where your boyfriend’s hair was most likely longer than your very own.

(For those of you who are under the age of thirty and may not understand components of this blog, ask your parents).

It was January, the holidays were over, and our visit to Cleveland was right here.


I had researched the one surgeon in certain, and also pertained to uncover out, he was THE experienced (in the civilization, mind you) in mitral valve surgery, and, ASD/PFO repairs.

He wrote a book, a thick book, around the heart and heart health and wellness. I skipped about and also read the components that came to me. He knows the heart favor nobody’s company. He is indeed “The Heart Master.”

His hands + My heart = Perfect Match!

Prayers were already being answered. Thank you, Lord.

Our kid was home from college for Christmas break, and given that my husband also has family in Ohio, we made a mini vaca out of it.

Bbest and also early a Monday morning was our initially appointment, which occurred to be with Dr. Cleveland, in the flesh.

He had taken well over an hour to talk about my concerns and also the remedy for them. He answered any and all questions we had. It is clear that he is a physician that truly cares for his patients. Dr. Cleveland clarified that this surgery have to be done sooner than later on. I think he can tell I wanted to put it off as long as humanly possible.

The booked diagnostic experimentation appointments were next, some easy-psimple, choose yet one more echo and also bloodjob-related. Others not so a lot, particularly the ear-nose-throat appointment and the examicountry that checked for intubation clearance. The doctor stuck this horribly lengthy tube up my “numbed” nose and dvery own my throat.

I think I deserve to safely say that this took the prize for the WORST test by far! Totally didn’t watch that one coming!

But otherwise, everything was incredibly arranged and went smoothly.

Cleveland day #1 was a wrap!We then went and had a nice dinner and also visit via my husband’s family.

The following morning brought scurrently and also sleet.

Our appointment via “The Heart Master” (aka the surgeon) wasn’t till noon and thanktotally temperatures wequipped up and also the roads turned to slush simply in time.

We arrived around thirty minutes early for the surgeon’s appointment yet didn’t acquire to view him till numerous hrs later as a result of a host up in the OR. This was something I was entirely fine with! If it were me on the operating table, I would want his skilled, expert hands to make certain they had all the moment they needed to finish the job!

Once we observed him, he was extremely expert and to the allude. He proclaimed that he was confident (95-97%) that he can, in fact, resolve the valve vs replacing it, together with solving the hole. He could sense my hesitation and observed wright here I was not onboard through having the surgical procedure done later in the month. He proclaimed if I insisted on waiting, I would certainly have to have actually a repeat echo in six months. He was then out the door and also onto one more surgical procedure.

I left feeling a feeling of relief (false, twisted relief-again it was my very own wishful thinking).

I told my husband also I would certainly simply wait the 6 months. After all, 6 months was six months, and at least it wasn’t NOW! Exactly 6 months would certainly note “THE YEAR” my cardiologist had actually argued once this whole rat race started.

Wow, time flies once you’re placing off surgery!

We gained ago to the hotel to pick up our son and head out to dinner as soon as I obtained a contact from, none other than, yep,

Dr. Cleveland!

He wanted to understand why I had actually not reserved the surgery…

I felt prefer a teenager getting recorded sneaking out of the home at midnight (not that I’ve ever before done that).

I didn’t have a good answer other than…. I preferred the 6 months idea!

He reiterated the need for surgical treatment and that the more time I waited, the greater the risk of irreversible heart damages occurring.

“Well gosh, if you put it that way…”

Doing all but slapping me in the challenge through a salami (which I probably needed), Dr. Cleveland made it crystal clear, that this surgical procedure was all yet, unpreventable.

Dang it!

I tried my ideal to prevent doing this, on all methods, but exactly how stupid of me if I DID wait and also points gained bad…

Everyone was hungry, and also it was time to eat.

On a different note, we did have actually some of the best Thai food that evening I’ve ever before had in my life!

Good food does a lot for the distressed heart.

It was late and also we continued to be one more night in Cleveland and also figured we would try and make the many of it. We took a quick swing by Ralphie’s home, then hit the Rock and also Roll Hall of Fame before heading house.



Ok, so since this was a “for-certain thing” and also tbelow wasn’t any obvious method of getting out of it, I began to study again.

My nightly readings quickly switched from horror and suspense fiction to heart surgical procedure manuscripts, regularly times creating more fear in me than any type of King novel ever did, however overall I acquired more expertise around the procedure of repairing my heart and also the recoextremely ahead.

I also uncovered Adam Pick’s webwebsite.

Adam is a heart valve surgery patient himself that made a decision to share his story by writing a book. Adam also took it a step even more and also developed a webwebsite where heart valve surgery patients approximately the world deserve to erected their own personal profile and also share via various other patients, kinda choose a “heart Facebook!”

The information that I have actually obtained from the patients on Adam’s site has been inhelpful to me! To hear firsthand from individuals that have gone through it has been far more useful than anypoint.

I also began networking.

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The more I opened up around my surgery to friends, the more I discovered out about civilization all about me having actually had the very same experiences-and also making it through, too!

Tbelow was a frifinish of a frifinish who actually had actually 2 open heart surgeries for valve replacements. He is an avid runner and hiker and was back to service in a couple of months! He called and also spoke to me offering me an endless supply of indevelopment bereason he had both a tissue valve at first and also currently has actually a mechanical one.

Another friend’s cousin my age additionally had a mechanical valve replacement. He as well is very energetic and also was back to his continuous way of living incredibly easily. He shared via me about his experience too!

The more I talked to people I knew, the more I uncovered out that many type of even had actually heart surgical procedure themselves and I never kbrand-new it!

I read around celebrities that had actually comparable surgeries, some being solved by these exact same Cleveland Heart Masters!

While analysis a magazine in the waiting room, I learned that also among my favorite hairband also rockers from earlier in the day, Bret Michaels himself, underwent a surgical procedure to repair a hole in his heart! Wow!

“Eextremely Rose Has It’s Thorn” right?!

I was beginning to feel much less doom and also gimpend for are afraid of “Bad Medicine” and yes,

I was indeed acting like a bit of a “Runaway.” Feeling more optimistic, I was “Living on (many) a Prayer,” thanks to the good Lord and the many type of distinct human being in my life! And that’s what it is: “It’s My Life”, and also if I wanted to have “Nothin’ But a Good Time” I essential to be responsible and take care of it! This is simply “The Way It Is.”

I’ll be “Getting’ Better” and “Honestly” I required to start trusting the One (my Lord and also Savior) who has me in His hands!

Let’s execute this Docs! Go on and also “Kickbegin my Heart!”


(You didn’t think I might start off this blog the means I did and also not finish it via an also heavier dose of 80’s cheese, did you?!)