"INVIGORATING MASSAGE: The Thera-P Comfort Cushion has actually five motors that carry out a vibrating massage that helps melt stress in your tense and tight muscles. The massager massages your entire back for the ultimate massage suffer.

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SOOTHING HEAT: Enhance your massage endure through the optional gentle warm establishing. The soopoint warmth unified with the vibration will certainly soothe and rejuvenate your exhausted and also overworked muscles for added relaxation.COMFORT CUSHION: The portable cushion consists of adapters so you have the right to take it via you to the office for your chair, or usage it in the comfort of your own residence.CUSTOMIZED SETTINGS: The incorporated controls enable you to regulate the heat alternative, the high or low intensity level, and also the 3 massage zones: upper, middle, and also lower earlier for a customized massage to fit your needs.steustatiushistory.org: steustatiushistory.org is around producing a healthy home environment that helps you relax your body, de-stress and anxiety, and simplify your life."

Relaxation from optimal to bottom

Warm it up

Lean ago and also reap the optional warm feature. The soothing warmth penetprices deep right into overoperated ago muscles and makes for an even more invigorating massage. Easy-to-use incorporated controls sell included convenience.



Take the spa via you

Now, you never before have to leave house without it. The Thera-P massage cushion consists of adapters for usage both in the automobile and also at home, so you can usage it on the road, at the office, or in the comfort of your house.

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Key Features

Vibration massage, 5 motors invigoprice your whole earlier Soothing heat warms cold auto seats and comforts tired muscles 3 massage zones allow you to customize your massage Variable intensity, choose from hi or low Portable - has adaptors for home and also auto Incorporated controls for included convenience

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