In wireless scanning, you frequently check out "Hon Hair Precision Indusattempt Co., Ltd." display up as the name for the manufacturer of the wireless gadgets. I"ve constantly wondered who the heck they were. I finally gained approximately to Googling the company name and also uncovered the basic answer: Foxconn.All WiFi (and Ethernet) adapters contain a 24-bit manufacturer ID. These are registered with the IEEE. You can look up any kind of ID to find out the manufacturer at the website of the names are obvious, such as Apple or IBM. However, some are even more obscure, such as Hon Hai Precision. While Hon Hai seems to be a famous manufacturer of WiFi equipped computer systems, I have actually never before heard of them.As this Wikipedia short article describes, Hon Hai is the company much better known as "Foxconn", which by a current estimate is the #132 largest agency in the human being. It is huge contract manufacturer of computer system tools. Some is sold under their very own names, such as Foxconn motherboards or Leadtek graphics cards, yet they mostly manufacture stuff for other providers. Currently, they construct the MacBook, iPhone, Palm Pre, and also the Amazon Kindle. They make the PlayStation 3, Wii, and also XBox 360. They are among the largest notebook manufacturers that are sold under brand also names of other providers prefer HP. (This write-up was created on a MacBook Air, made by Foxconn, and posted while tethered with an iPhone, made by Foxconn).Many of the notebooks made by Foxconn will certainly contain the "Hon Hai" manufacturer ID. However before, a firm such as Apple has tighter control over it"s branding: all the MacBooks and iPods Foxconn renders contain the Apple manufacturer ID.So, in summary, as soon as you check out in your wiremuch less scanner "Hon Hai Precision", think "Foxconn", or more particularly "a Windows notebook made by Foxconn for a various brand company prefer HP".

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Your Research is probably basic but ,its really usecomplete...thanks alot for the details..

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Turns out my Hon Hai device was my Sony Blu Ray player. Even when the unit is turned off, it's constantly sending packets. I had actually to unplug the player to preserve bandwidth.

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Your explanation is the just advantageous info I have actually uncovered, say thanks to you! It showed up on my WiFi utilizing data throughout the day, but peaking from 5am - 8am as soon as no various other devices were associated or being used. I changed name and also password and also it still shows up using information. I additionally disassociated rexternal overnight, and still appears. Is this gadget mine (printer, phone, laptop) identifying as HonHaiPr or a scanning tool of defense worry I must continue to troubleshoot? I only have Apple tools and also an HP printer, and no cable or satellite tv. Thank you!

11:47 AM

i also have actually hon hai on my network-related and was really puzzled but now i know.......thanks