Chapter: Addressing the Social and Cultural Norms That Underlie the Acceptance of Violence: Proceedings of a Workshop - in Brief

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Suggested Citation:"Addressing the Social and also Cultural Norms That Underlie the Acceptance of Violence: Proceedings of a Workshop - in Brief." National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. 2018. Addressing the Social and also Cultural Norms That Underlie the Acceptance of Violence: Proceedings of a Workshop—in Brief. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. doi: 10.17226/25075.

Proceedings of a Workshop


April 2018

Addressing the Social and Cultural Norms That Underlie the Acceptance of Violence Proceedings of a Workshop—in Short


Social and social standards are rules or expectations of actions and also thoughts based upon mutual beliefs within a certain cultural or social team. While regularly unspoken, norms market social criteria for correct and incorrect behavior that govern what is (and is not) acceptable in interactions among world (WHO, 2009). Social and cultural norms are extremely significant over individual behavior in a wide array of contexts, consisting of violence and its avoidance, bereason standards deserve to create an atmosphere that have the right to either foster or minimize violence and also its deleterious effects.

Different social and also social norms affect just how individuals react to violence. Researchers have hypothesized that the social and social norms that bring about the tolerance of violence are learned in childhood, wherein a child experiences corpdental punishment or witnesses violence in the family members, in the media, or in various other settings (Abrahams and Jewkes, 2005; Brookmeyer et al., 2005; Lansford and also Dodge, 2008; WHO, 2009). Witnessing violence in childhood creates standards that can cause the acceptance or perpetration of a multitude of violent behaviors or acts, yet it additionally may administer a potent suggest of intervention for violence prevention initiatives. Although research in this location is restricted, many type of preliminary studies present promise in actively influencing or changing existing social standards in order to reduce the event of violence within a provided population (WHO, 2009).

To much better understand also just how social and also social norms are regarded violence and also violence prevention, the Forum on Global Violence Prevention convened a workshop1 on October 29–30, 2015, to discover the social and also social norms that underlie the acceptance of violence, via a focus on violence versus womales across the lifeexpectancy, violence against kids, and youth violence. The workshop addressed causes, effects, characteristics, and contextual variations regarded social and also social norms regarded violence; what is known about the efficiency of efforts to change those standards in order to prevent and also reduce such violence; and the role of multiple sectors and also stakeholders in the prevention of this violence. Invited speakers and also workshop discussions drew from a broad range of techniques and also perspectives, including the public wellness, social sciences, technology, public safety and security, human legal rights, policy, and also legal sectors. Sheldon Greenberg, the chair of the Forum on Global Violence Prevention, detailed that the forum has actually embraced the definition of violence put forward by the World Health Organization: the intentional use of physical force or power, intimidated or actual, against one’s self, one more perkid, or versus a group or community that either outcomes in or has a high likelihood of causing injury, death, mental damage, maladvance, or deprivation (Krug et al., 2002).

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1 To learn more around the workshop, view the agenda, and watch videos and slides of the presentations, visit the workshop’s webpage: (accessed April 2, 2018).