A team of young political leaders referred to as the War Hawks wanted to reclaim national honor by A. letting Native Americans keep their land. B. leading an invasion of British-organized Canada. C. recording Florida Territory from the Spanish. D. building a experienced army and also navy.

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A team of young political leaders dubbed the War Hawks wanted to restore national honor by leading an invasion of British-held Canada.
A team of young politicians called the War Hawks wanted to gain back nationwide honor by A. letting Native Americans store their land also. B. leading an intrusion of British-organized Canada. C. catching Florida Territory from the Spanish. D. structure a skilled army and also navy.
Which economic climate feature was shared by the New England and also the Center colonies? A. Indigo B. Fishing C. Wwarm D. Trade
steustatiushistory.org: Trade is an economy attribute that was shared by the New England also and the Center swarms. (More)
Which event marked the beginning of the Center Ages? A. the Renaissance B. the collapse of the Roman Realm C. the search for brand-new profession courses D. the Campaigns
In which area of nests did the Salem Witch trials take place? A. New England also B. Middle C. All of the nests D. Southern
The 1469 marital relationship of Prince Ferdinand also and also Queen Isabella created which nation? A. Portugal B. Castile C. Aragon D. Spain


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