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It may not be as widely celebrated in Spanish speaking countries, but knowing vocabulary and verbs for talking about Halloween in Spanish is likely to come in useful at some point.

So let’s begin with some basic words.

1) Truco o Trato

This directly translates to “trick or deal”, but in the context of Halloween, means “trick or treat”. As an alternative, you could also use dulce o travesura, which means “treat or mischief”.


2) Halloween

When the same word is not used, “Halloween”(pronounced jalogüin) is translated as Noche de Brujas which translates to “witches’ night”.


3) Disfraz

For Halloween, you have to make sure to nail your costume or disguise.


4) Máscara

A mask, which could be the most important part of your costume.


5) Calabaza

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a pumpkin.


6) Terror y Horror

Both of these words have the same meaning in English.

The first being a strong feeling of dread and the second is just a strong feeling (not necessarily fear) caused by something frightening.


7) Linterna de Calabaza

We already mentioned pumpkins (calabazas) but Linterna de Calabaza refers specifically to the Jack-o-Lantern decorations you’ll see on the porch or in windows of houses at Halloween.


8) Dulces, Caramelos y Tratos

Probably the best thing about Halloween – the sweets, candies and treats.


9) Decoraciones

From the Jack-o-Lanterns to cobwebs, to a spooky skeleton on your porch, Halloween is a time to go big on decorations.


10) Fiestas de Halloween

Halloween parties, which could apply to a children’s party, or your favorite bar organizing a themed party.


 11) Esqueleto

A skeleton, which tends to be an obligatory sight during Halloween, as a decoration or perhaps a costume.


12) Fantasma

Boo! This one is a ghost.


 13) Gato Negro

Universally known as bad luck when one walks in front of you, the black cat is a common sight in decorations and scary movies alike.


 14) Murciélagos

Bats, the dark, winged mammals that fly out in a swarm, normally at the least opportune moment during a movie.


 15) Casa Embrujada

A haunted house, which could be the spooky abandoned one in your neighborhood, or the commercial type, with a paid entrance.


 16) Araña

A spider, one of the first things to come to mind at this time of the year.


 17) Espantapájaro

A scarecrow, perfect for a Halloween decoration, and also for keeping birds away from your crops.


 18) Telaraña

To describe a cobweb or spider web, we use the combination of “fabric” and “spider” in Spanish.


19) Bruja

The Spanish word for witchcraft.


 20) Mágico Negro

Don’t miss with black magic, people!


 21) Hechizo

A spell, be it from a witch, wizard or warlock, which will probably threaten to make objects float in the air. Because why not?


22) Cementerio

Graveyard, which you may be found in your favorite Casa Embrujada at Halloween.


23) Tumba

Spanish for a grave.


24) Lápida

A tombstone, which in the context of Halloween could be a good addition to the decorations in your house.


Halloween in Spanish: Costumes

Until now, we covered a bunch of basic vocab for talking about Halloween in Spanish.

Below is a list of classic Halloween costumes, that you’re likely to see every year.

 25) Mago o Brujo

Wizard or a Witch, probably the two most recognizable Halloween costumes.


26) Momias

Mummies, not to be confused with mothers, but instead the embalmed bodies from Egyptian tombs, who normally come back to life for Halloween.


27) Demonio

A Demon or a Devil.


28) Zombi

You can guess this one easily enough, it means a Zombie and is sometimes written exactly the same as you would do in English.


29) Vampiro

Another easy one to remember. Of course, it’s a Vampire.


30) Hombre lobo

When you put the Spanish for man + wolf together, we all know the result.


31) La Muerte

This one refers to the Grim Reaper or Death.


Halloween in Spanish: Verbs

Before you leave, make sure that you know some of the most used verbs when it comes to talking about Halloween in Spanish.

 32) Espantar o Asustar

To scare or startle somebody.


33) Disfrazarse de

Once you have your costume, you’ll need the verb for saying “to dress up”.


34) Embrujar

To haunt, mostly used in its participle form (embrujado) but also used to say that something is haunted.

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35) Gritar

Halloween is full of surprise and horror, and so gritar means “to scream”.