As you deserve to most likely guess Dark Zone tricks are used to open chests in the Dark Zone. Players collect keys by killing high level adversaries (NPC"s) in the Dark Zone and then looting the crucial. The exact same likewise applies to PvP humale players; you deserve to kill various other players and then loot their Dark Zone keys also, so long as they"re transferring a crucial in the first area.Whether a key drops or not is based upon both RNG and also the level of the adversary you simply eliminated. Killing reduced level opponents extremely rarely causes an essential to drop whilst adversaries that exceed your level will have a higher possibility of dropping a crucial.Tip: Yellow health bar enemies are major/elite enemies which have greater opportunity of dropping a crucial. Named adversaries are likewise BOSS"s and also have a high opportunity of dropping a key. The RNG variable is weighed depending on the level distinction in between you and the adversary.

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Once you have actually an essential, it"s ssuggest a instance of finding among the Dark Zone chests that are located in static areas of the Dark Zone. What execute I expect by static, well I expect that their position never before alters even if you leave and reenter the DZ. Memorizing the chest areas in the DZ is something that you have to aim for early.Remember, if you"re killed by an additional agent in the DZ not just will you shed XP and also credits, however you"ll likewise shed some of your secrets. Chest Locations - ExamplesSome good examples of chest places are:Morgan Library - situated down Madiboy Road at the junction via E 38th Street. Kill the opponents exterior the entrance, go up the stairs and also you"ll uncover a loot chest.Abandoned Shopping Center - head ameans from Mbody organ Library, down E 38th Street to the shopping centre which is situated oppowebsite the vehicle park extraction zone. Inside tbelow are adversaries and also behind them is a DZ chest.Other "Landmark" locations typically contain yellow health and wellness bar NPC"s and loot chests in the nearby vicinity. Look for the blue symbols on the map for additional landmarks to explore.

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Three types of loot chests

There are 3 types of containers in the Dark Zone.Small Containers
These little white/grey containers can be opened up even without a vital and they don"t have rank constraints. The loot inside is typically widespread items such as weapons, ammo, grenades and so on. You certainly will not find any type of high-end weapons inside these containers. They are easy to find bereason they appear on your radar as bit white symbols.Medium Chests
These containers look choose little boxes and they have actually DZ Rank limitations, interpretation that you can not open the chest unless you"re equal to or above the rank compelled by the chest. If you"re rank is too low you ssuggest need to leave the chest where it is and then come ago at a later point when your rank is higher.Key Chests
These chests are even more decorative than the others and also players need Dark Zone keys before they can be opened. In virtually all instances, these chests are located close by or behind high level enemies. An easy means to uncover a chest place is to hunt for a group of low level enemies protecting a yellow bar foe, this is practically constantly a guaranteed DZ chest place.In enhancement to hundreds of credits, the loot inside these lucrative chests is virtually constantly superior, legendary or high-finish gear.

Beta Problems

Many players have actually encountered problems trying to open dark zone chests in the Beta. This is a recognized problem that affects some yet not all players. It shows up to occur randomly, affecting players also if they poses a zone crucial and have exceeded the rank restriction for the chest.Ubisoft are mindful of the issue and reserved maintenance "may" settle the concern prior to the Beta ends yet it"s even more likely to be a priority bug deal with for the release in March.