A couple of days back, I’ve began learn Deutsch. My Russian name sounds kinda “Andrey” and also in English I use the develop “Andrew” which is comfortable for aboriginal English speakers.

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Yesterday, I learned from my teacher of German that Gerguy speakers use the create “Heinrich” to be comfortable via “Andrew”.

I google it and discovered the develop “Andreas”, however my teacher insists, she sassist that translation “Heinrich” is preferable for Germans.

I like exactly how “Heinrich“ sounds and also pronounced, however I’m puzzled cos tright here are no one similar syllables or sounds via “Andrew”.

Is it truth? What translation of the name “Andrew” is even more preferable in Deutsch - “Heinwealthy “ or “Andreas”?


the answer "why"



Thank you, all

now I will usage the create "Andreas" while speaking Gerguy, and also the name "Heinrich" throughout the lessons (in order to not offence my teacher).

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Native (österreichisch). Proofreader, translator, editor.
Andreas. Heinrich would be Henry in English, your teacher is wrong.

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Breakwith (A1)

Thank you! I thought so :)

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Why are you translating your name to make other world comfortable?

Changing the spelling so a native can review it correctly sure; yet actually changing your name? That ain't best.

Even if they can't pronounce it correctly they'll say it clearly sufficient for you to recognise its you.

My name is Ian and also I work-related for a Germale company, many the Germans pronounce my name just how a aboriginal English speaker would certainly pronounce iron.

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hi Ian,

say thanks to you, and you are best, of course - name changing deserve to look weird, however for me it is not changing name, for me it is exactly the same name however a little herbal in various languperiods.

i love to usage the develops of my name which sounds even more natural in language which i speak, trying to soptimal :) that’s why i asked my teacher about that.

you asked why i interpret my name and also strive to make various other world comfortable, so, i’d favor to be polite, i choose be respectful - this is my means to make our world roughly me a little better :)

the list of reasons why i’m interested in various form of my name is:

just curiosity and just for fun;

various creates of one name is not different names, it is simply precisely the very same name, yet sounds a tiny stvariety, weird, curious, foreign, fun and i choose it;

to present my respect to the language and to natives whose language i’m learning;

in educational purposes, to be a tiny even more deeper in language and to sound a tiny even more natural;

to respect a rules establiburned of my teacher, and to answer ideal when she asks me;

i understand many teachers that recommend usage the interpreted create of the names.

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it is like about accent - some world desire to hide their accents to sounds natural, and some civilization love it, and others doesn‘t treatment around it. so it is their alternative.